New Poster for ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Highlights Furry Creature

Disney hopes to continue its with Pete’s Dragon, the upcoming remake of its 1977 film of the same name. And a new poster’s showing off another look at the family film.

Earlier today, Disney took to Twitter to reveal a new poster for Pete’s Dragon, showing off child star Oakes Fegley and his dragon companion ahead of a new trailer set to premiere on Access Hollywood tomorrow.

The poster doesn’t reveal much, though it does show off the furry design of Elliot the dragon. The dragon from 1977’s Pete’s Dragon was a pretty standard cartoon creature covered in green scales, but the redesigned beast is covered in green fur. That’s by director David Lowery, who’s said:

“When I went to pitch the movie to Disney, I said ‘I want him to be a furry dragon’. Pete is supposed to be cuddling up with the dragon, so let’s make him furry. I wanted him to feel not like a Game Of Thrones or Harry Potter dragon.”

We only caught short glimpses of Elliot in , and with Pete’s Dragon hitting theaters in just a couple months we expect tomorrow’s trailer release will reveal a closer look at the unique animated creature.

Pete’s Dragon flies into theaters on August 12. Are you excited for Disney’s latest remake? Let us know in the comments.


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