New Posters and Foreign Magazines Give Us a Closer (and Creepier) Look at Task Force X and Joker!

Suicide Squad‘s August release date is fast approaching, and DC is rolling out new artwork and photos on a daily basis. Today’s releases feature three new character posters, three group shots, and two new magazine covers. The posters follow the standard protocol (with some cool additions), but the covers are amazingly unique. We’ll start off with the posters, and build up to the magazine shots:

Of course Harley would be the first character to get her own poster! Though the shot itself is new, there’s nothing in it that we haven’t already seen before.

Deadshot won’t be wearing his mask for a lot of the movie (thanks to the bankability of Will Smith), so it’s refreshing to see the iconic headgear in the poster.

The Clown Prince of Crime himself joins the poster crew, wearing his purple leather jacket from the Empire Magazine photos. Unlike Deadshot, his background is the Squad logo. Kinda perfect that Joker and Harley have the same backdrop, right?

Although Will Smith is at the forefront in the shot, your eyes can’t help but wander over to the other characters. Most of them are just standing around, but at least they look cool while doing it! Enchantress has something of a magnetic presence all the way at the side, with her freakishly long hair and (lack of) costume. We don’t know how exactly she fits in, but it’ll be something that isolates her from the rest of the Squad (which the magazine cover later alludes to).

Harley Quinn ft. the Suicide Squad

Despite officially having the title, it’s clear that Rick Flag isn’t the real leader of Task Force X. Nope, it’s either Harley or Deadshot, who constantly get put at the forefront in these posters (and rightly so!).

This one’s definitely my favourite poster. Having the Squad members point to a larger-than-life Joker as glass shards is an exciting concept, playing on the sense of danger the movie uses. We’ve seen a in the merchandise, but it’s nice to see it so crystal clear.

And now the cool(er) part: the magazine covers!

Feral Enchantress ft. an Excited Group of Individuals

Where do I even begin? Outside of her Empire Magazine cover, Enchantress never really took the centre stage in the promotional shots. Well, she has now, and she looks . . . horrific (and that’s a good thing)! Feral is probably the best description (which is why Cara Delevingne uses it – a lot). Meanwhile, a casual but excited Harley leans on the wall with a gun and bat in hand, El Diablo showcases his powers, and everyone else is just chilling. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it in Belle Reve.

Joker’s Ready to Ruffle Some Feathers

Looks like he really couldn’t wait to show us his toys. We see a Newton’s Cradle, with each ball emblazoned with the skull-logo for the different members. Naturally, Joker pulls the Harley one back. There’s a lot that that could mean – is Joker about to act as the puppet-master with Harley, which in turn will mess with the Squad? Looks like that could be the case, but we won’t know for sure until August 5th!