New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Reveals That Harley Quinn Is Secretly Working With The Joker And Could Even Betray The Team

Ever since began last year, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn has been thrust directly into the spotlight, stealing every scene she’s in with a raw charisma that perfectly encapsulates the Clown Princess of Crime.

Suicide Squad may not have been released yet, but as Harley Quinn has stood centre stage throughout DC’s marketing campaign, it seemed like we already knew , from to her .

However, a new Quinn-centric trailer has just revealed a pivotal plot point that could change the direction of the entire movie. Pay close attention to the following clip, eagle-eyed readers.

In keeping with the madcap and slightly unorthodox tone of the previous trailers, the new Suicide Squad promo opens innocently enough, following Harley as she adjusts her hair in an elevator, complete with cheesy music.

Harley's loving it though.
Harley’s loving it though.

All of a sudden, some kind of bizarre man-like monster bursts in through the glass and attacks Harley, who immediately fends him off with a few fierce punches to the face. Mid-fight, Harley stops to check her phone after receiving a text message and in that moment, she is all of us.

Here’s where things get really interesting though. The text message is clearly from none other than the Joker himself, containing just five simple words that could change the entire way we perceive the movie:

“I am close be ready…”

Wouldn't hurt to throw a comma in there
Wouldn’t hurt to throw a comma in there

While the pale-faced, green-haired emoji is an undeniably nice touch, what we’re most intrigued by is what the message actually reveals about Harley’s relationship with the Joker and how this could impact the entire direction of the film. Here are three potential outcomes;

1. The Joker Is Going To Rescue Harley Quinn

Not that Harley's defenceless, mind you.
Not that Harley’s defenceless, mind you.

First of all, there’s a strong chance that the Joker may try to rescue Harley from the Suicide Squad, whether she wants him to or not. After all, each member of the team has been forced to fight for the government by Amanda Waller and any attempts to escape will be met with instant execution, so the Joker could just be looking out for his number one gal.

, so it’s easy to imagine that Quinn’s unwilling involvement with the team could be the catalyst that draws her puddin’ out into the open, eventually tangling with the Squad themselves.

While it’s not clear whether Harley is initially aware of the Joker’s potential plan, the cute “aw” noise she makes after reading the message suggests that she’s certainly not upset about hearing from her former lover.

After taking her opponent down once and for all ā€” ā€” Harley then bounces out of the elevator with a spring in her step, further suggesting that the Joker’s message has put her in good spirits, although this is fairly typical behaviour from the Clown Princess of Crime.

2. Harley Quinn Will Betray The Suicide Squad

Would you trust Harley?
Would you trust Harley?

Despite , Harley herself absolutely loves the Joker, which we’re quickly given another reminder of in the trailer when the phrase “her puddin” appears on the striking title card that introduces her character.

Costume designer Kate Hawley recently confirmed that Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn and the Joker have shared a deep relationship prior to the events of Suicide Squad, , so it’s not a stretch to imagine that their love still endures.

Due both to Harley’s psychosis and her unrequited love for the Joker, Quinn has been known to double-cross her allies time and time again in the comics, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if she decided to betray the Suicide Squad in order to gain brownie points with her puddin’. While we’re still unclear what the Joker’s overall goal is, it’s likely that his plans will clash with the Squad’s, putting Harley Quinn in a prime position to act as the Clown Prince’s mole on the team.

3. Harley Quin Will Double-Cross The Joker

Say it ain't so, Harley!
Say it ain’t so, Harley!

Finally, there’s also a strong possibility that the message has been deliberately included in the trailer in order to mislead the fans. While the Joker’s words make it seem like Harley is working alongside her former partner, Quinn has been placed front and center throughout the promotional material released so far, which leads us to question whether Warner Bros. would want to portray the movie’s breakout star as ultimately evil.

Of course, the Suicide Squad team is comprised of anti-heroes and psychotic villains, a formula that Fox already found success with through Deadpool, but now that Warner Bros. have confirmed that , it seems unlikely that the studio will want to portray her purely as a villain.

Would a villain read literature and drink tea!?

If Harley really is working alongside the Joker, like the new trailer suggests, director David Ayer could set Quinn up to betray her former lover last minute, saving the day and ensuring that things won’t become too awkward with her fellow teammates when Suicide Squad 2 inevitably rolls around.

Which Route Will Harley Quinn’s Relationship With The Joker Take?

While any one of these potential outcomes could feasibly appear in the final cut of Suicide Squad, the last idea could provide the most satisfying character arc for Harley Quinn, while establishing her as a serious force to be reckoned with in the DCEU.

The rest of the footage in the new Harley Quinn trailer has mostly been shown before in previous promos, although there are a few extra Margot Robbie moments that are definitely worth looking out for, including some nice interplay between Deadshot and the Clown Princess of Crime herself.

Do you think Harley Quinn is secretly working with the Joker to betray the team? We’ll find out for certain when of Suicide Squad hits theatres on August 5. For now though, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Look at that face. What’s not to trust?


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