Nina Dobrev: 10 Things Only A True FaNina Would Know

Whether you’re into women or not, you’re about to be, because that’s how enchanting Nina Dobrev is. This is already general knowledge, particularly to The Vampire Diaries fans, who have witnessed her beauty cause centuries of distress as simply everyone falls in love with at least one of her many personas.

So we know she puts the girl next door to shame, but what random facts has she been blinding us from?

1. Her name is not even Nina Dobrev

Is it to keep her identity secret from all the supernatural enemies she has? Not exactly. Named after her maternal grandmother Nikolina Constantine, Nina’s full name Nikolina Constantinova Dobreva reflects the Bulgarian side of her heritage. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, before moving to Toronto at age 2, she speaks the language natively and is proud of her roots. However, she changed her name for professional reasons (probably because she knew everyone would butcher her name).

P.S. She also speaks French.

2. She competed in Aesthetic Gymnastics

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