Norman Reedus Promises Explosive Return for ‘The Walking Dead’

Norman Reedus Promises Explosive Return for ‘The Walking Dead’ by Matt Kranis , May 26th, 2016 at 4:56pm Share on Facebook Share to TwitterThe Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead angered plenty of fans, with an unknown major character getting brutally murdered in the final minutes of the season. Viewers will have to wait until the October premiere of Season 7 to see who bit the dust, but actor Norman Reedus says it’ll all be worth it.In an interview on Entertainment Weekly Radio , the Walking Dead star talked about that soul-crushing cliffhanger that closed out the season, while teasing some mind-blowing plans for Season 7.Season 6 may have ended nearly two months ago, and in the aftermath there’s been plenty of speculation about who the villainous Negan killed. To Reedus, that’s a major compliment:Fear the talking bat.But Reedus also recognizes that the cliffhanger angered a lot of fans. After one of the most gut-wrenching seasons of the show yet, ending on a major character death that wasn’t revealed alienated plenty of viewers. Luckily, the actor has faith that it will all be worth it come Season 7. When thinking ahead to the Season 7 premiere, he said:Reedus’s response is the kind of reassurance you’d expect from one of The Walking Dead ‘s stars. It’d be unlikely for him to come out against the creative team’s decision to end the show on such a big cliffhanger. But it’s nice to hear that Season 7 is set to be an exciting return to form. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple and creator Robert Kirkman have the unenviable task of winning back fans after the controversial move, but if Reedus is right, then we should have nothing to fear. The bold decision may even prove to be great, depending on the opening of the next season.The Walking Dead Season 7 will return on October 9. Are you excited for next season? Who do you think Negan killed? Let us know in the comments.