Penny Dreadful Season Three: The Real Dracula Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight All Along.

Who is Dracula?”Penny Dreadful” Season Three just premiered a few weeks ago. And this week’s episode of “Predators Far And Near” just opened up a huge revelation for fans of the series. The aspect of vampires and Dracula has had its presence known since Season One of “Penny Dreadful” with Sir Malcolm’s daughter, Mina falling prey to the blood-sucking cult run by Dracula.

Season 1, Dracula.

Season 1, Dracula.

We were only given a brief glimpse at the mastermind, Dracula during Season One of “Penny Dreadful”. But we’re never allowed a clear image of Dracula in human form. He could’ve been anyone, hiding in plain sight. Some fans even theorized that an existing character of the series could have been the disguised, Dracula the entire time. And those theories were partially correct. As Dracula has been hiding in plain sight, all along. Though, we haven’t seen the true Dracula, that is until last Sunday’s Episode “Predators Far And Near” of “Penny Dreadful”.

Where has Dracula been hiding since Season One of “Penny Dreadful”?The reveal comes as a surprise, as no one could ever have expected Dr. Alexander Sweet (Christian Camargo) to be the human incarnation of Dracula. But it is so. Most were expecting for Dracula to require being hidden in the dark, in light of day, But he’s been able to parade around as Alexander Sweet, as if the sun were no issue. But the real clues that should have set off alarms in everyone’s mind when Alexander Sweet (Christian Camargo) showed up, were his interactions with Vanessa Ives (Eva Green).

Vanessa meets the Vampire King, Dracula.Upon their first meeting, Vanessa seems all too intrigued with Dr. Sweet, and he’s able to placate her mixed emotions after suffering so much pain and loss throughout the previous seasons of “Penny Dreadful”. Along with that, Alexander Sweet seemed to be obsessed with death as well. Sweet’s fascination with taxidermy animals gave plenty of indication of his love for death and the dying. And in their first meeting, Vanessa is entranced by Alexander Sweet, which should have been a call to Vanessa’s instincts. Although, a devilish character like Dracula would obviously be able to use his charms to manipulate Vanessa without her knowledge. Dr. Sweet knew exactly how to react to Vanessa Ives, as well as how to keep her on his line of persuasion. He didn’t have to do much to get Vanessa to return to his workplace. It was there that Vanessa began to show a growing interest in Dr. Alexander Sweet/Dracula, wherein Dracula once again took advantage of Vanessa in an opportune position.

However, the reveal of Dr. Alexander Sweet being the true Dracula comes at an opportune time in the series of “Penny Dreadful”. Last season’s villains in the witches were all defeated in the Season Two Finale of “Penny Dreadful”. Which has left an open slate for an antagonist element to appear on the series. We do have to account for all the people on the hunt for Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) but they aren’t a part of the major antagonist element in this season of “Penny Dreadful”. It’s clear that Dracula or Alexander Sweet, or whoever he is has very big plans for Vanessa Ives, as well as anyone who decides to come to her aid. And those individuals might not be lucky enough to survive.

Who will help Vanessa Ives in defeating Dracula.Ferdinand Lyle (Simon Russell Beale) has been the one to approach Vanessa Ives this time around in Season Three, to have her receive some mental health in light of the events happening in Season Two of “Penny Dreadful”. Vanessa was impacted greatly by the losses she suffered in Season Two, as well as being left alone to her own devices, as both Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) and Sir Malcom Murray (Timothy Dalton) have left on their own adventures; which seem to be diverging to a similar point wherein they’ll return to London to help Vanessa Ives in her latest caper. Although the duo will be accompanied by Kaetanay (Wes Studi) to defeat the evil forces plaguing Vanessa Ives. However, all their help combined not be enough to end the tyranny of Count Dracula (Christian Camargo). The situation may arise for Vanessa Ives to force herself back into the Dark Arts taught to her by the Cut-Wife (Patti Lupone), as the only way to end Dracula. Although, we won’t find out how Vanessa Ives will react to Dr. Alexander Sweet when she figures out that he’s the deadly creature whose been chasing her since Season One of “Penny Dreadful”. Now, we just have to wait for one of our heroes to initiate a confrontation with Dr. Alexander Sweet/Dracula before he gains the opportunity to take Vanessa Ives from her home and into his family of night-dwellers. Or if Vanessa Ives is seduced by his charms, the situation may call for Ethan Chandler, Sir Malcolm, and Kaetaney to venture into Dracula’s nest to kill him while he’s sleeping. Although, that will be a difficult task in itself.
“Penny Dreadful” airs Sundays at 9PM on Showtime. Episode Three “Good And Evil Braided Be” airs on May 15, 2016.