‘Power Rangers’ Movie Debuts Morphinominal Character Posters

It’s morphin time, ya’ll! Lionsgate’s sent fans a little reassurance that it’s in good hands by revealing character posters and names were via . All five Rangers are pictured in these standalone posters with the sacred Ranger lightning bolt across their face in their . This gives us the first up close look at the set to bring the Power Rangers adaptation to the big screen.

Perhaps the best thing about the posters is the reminder that the reboot Rangers are based off the original Power Rangers — Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack, and Billy. The franchise has created many new Power Rangers personas in the near 25 years it’s been on television, so this is definitely a nice nod to the millennial generation of fans who were there for the start of it all (like me!).

Take a look at the new posters below. The Rangers are ready to morph!

Jason, The Red Ranger — Decre Montgomery

Kimberly, The Pink Ranger — Naomi Scott

Zack, The Black Ranger — Ludi Lin

Trini, The Yellow Ranger — Becky G

Billy, The Blue Ranger — R.J. Cyler

I have to admit, if didn’t have me convinced this movie is going to be lit, these posters do. As a fan of the very first series — and as someone who felt a connection to the Pink Ranger on a spiritual level (don’t judge me) — I have to say I’m pretty excited now.

The fact that they are basing the film on the original show really gives me confidence that they know what the fans want and that they are listening. The cast looks diverse, spot on, and ready to morph. Now all we need is the original theme song with a few instrumental updates and it’s morphin time!

Check out Bryan Cranston doing voices in Power Rangers:

These posters join the first look we’ve already seen of , which was a bit scattered when it came to fan reaction. The Power Rangers movie is being helmed by Lionsgate — the studio behind The Hunger Games films — and will follow five teenagers with supernatural fighting powers as they battle intergalactic forces that threaten Earth.

Power Rangers is set for a March 24, 2017 release. Go, go, Power Rangers!

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