‘Preacher’: Is Genesis Corrupting Jesse Or Just Releasing His True Nature?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 1 of Preacher. If you’ve yet to see the latest episode then proceed back to the previous page, you don’t want to make the Preacher angry.

After five episodes of wondering what the hell was going on, we finally on this week’s Preacher. Additionally, Jesse Custer may have found himself on a dark path, but has he gone too far? A rather has left us wondering what exactly the entity inside Jesse doing to him. Lets take a look.

Genesis Within

Jesse realizes what's inside him.
Jesse realizes what’s inside him.

Before we get to that game-changing moment, it’s important that we take a look at what’s been going on with Jesse. Deblanc and Fiore finally filled Jesse — and the viewers — in on the origin of the other-worldly power that Jesse has been wielding. The entity is known as Genesis and to cut a long story short, it is an amalgamation of an angel and a demon who fell in love.

The twosome make it clear to Jesse that he must, under no circumstances, use the ability as it is an embarrassment to both the angel and demon community. The idea that Genesis originates from an angel and a demon could allude to the idea of purity (the angel) being corrupted by evil (the demon) which is arguably similar to what’s going on here — perhaps Jesse is being corrupted by Genesis.

To preach or not to preach?

Jesse suffers somewhat of an identity crisis following this revelation — up until he was inhabited by Genesis, he wasn’t exactly sure of what he was doing. To put it bluntly — he didn’t have faith. He was also a terrible preacher, but from the moment that Genesis entered him he became more confident and better at what he does. Jesse often preaches to Cassidy about the plan that God has for him and he felt that Genesis must have been a gift from God following his self-doubt — Jesse’s way to make a difference in the world. Since his possession, his ideas have expanded and he has managed to turn a small number of church-goers into several hundred. All good, right?

Using his ability, he’s also helped and healed several members of the community, including Eugene who’s seen as the town freak and murderer. We’ve since discovered that the power seems to come with consequences — specifically the effects it’s had on Quinncannon, who gunned down a room full of competitors. This proves that no matter how good Jesse’s intentions are, he has no idea what he’s messing with.

The Effects Of Genesis

We’re only six episodes in, so we still don’t know very much about Jesse but he did seem like a relatively nice guy before he was inhabited by Genesis. Sure, he wasn’t very good at preaching but he had a good heart and always tried his best for the congregation. This could be used to argue that Genesis has changed who he is.

As I mentioned previously, Jesse seems like a completely new person now — something that Emily has picked up on over the course of several episodes. But the question is: Is Genesis changing Jesse or is it just releasing his true nature? You may say that Jesse was a nice guy before hand and this is true, but keep in mind that he has a past — a dark past, according to Tulip who constantly reminds him of it.

Oh, Tulip.

All the details of his past have not yet been revealed to us, but Tulip seems convinced that Jesse has repressed his true nature in his attempt to save his father’s church. She often talks of the misadventures she had with bad boy Jesse, which leads us to believe that Jesse does indeed have a dark side. If this is so, then perhaps Genesis is merely releasing the true nature of Preacher Jesse — perhaps this is who he really is. Either way, Anneville had better prepare itself for a reckoning.

Where Does Preacher Go From Here?

Talk about intensity!
Talk about intensity!

Jesse got so absorbed in the belief that he was doing God’s work that he let his anger cloud his judgment. In a brief moment of insanity he yelled at Eugene, telling him to go to Hell. However, unbeknownst to the Preacher, he was using his demonic Genesis voice and this resulted in Eugene disappearing under the floorboards — literally going straight to Hell. Jesse has pushed the boundaries before with Donny, but he went too far this time.

After an entire episode of internal emotional turmoil over the purpose of his ability, Jesse acted in a moment of madness that perhaps gave him the answer that he needed from God.

Too far Preacher, too far.

Whether or not he can undo what he has done has yet to be seen, but this moment can mean one of two things for Jesse. Perhaps he will realize that God did not want him to have Genesis, seeing this as a sign from God to get rid of the ungodly power that is turning him into a monster. Or perhaps Jesse will see this as an example of what he is truly capable of — that with this great power he can have whatever he wants.

Moreover, there is still the ongoing storyline of his past — the man who wronged him and Tulip is still out there. If Jesse lets his new ability take control then perhaps he and Tulip will be heading out on a road trip for revenge in the near future.

Didn’t see that coming.

Jesse Custer is most certainly an unpredictable individual. Having said that, we still don’t know very much about him which makes him very scary. Who knows what the seemingly nice Preacher is capable of? I for one can’t wait to find out. One thing’s for sure — as long as Jesse holds on to Genesis, he’s going to be going down the wrong path. Is it too late for redemption? Only time will tell.

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