Production Art Teases Black Canary For Season Five Of ‘Arrow’

Whether you enjoyed Season Four of Arrow or not, many fans were outraged that Black Canary was killed fighting the good fight against Damien Darhk. Stephen Amell has since confirmed that , yet new production art reveals that the Black Canary will still have a presence in Star City when Season Five of Arrow returns this fall.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim just unveiled an intriguing picture on Twitter, depicting what looks like a memorial of the Black Canary that’s been created to honor her memory.

What remains unclear is where this memorial will be placed, but with Oliver Queen’s new status as mayor, it’s likely that he’ll use his new political power to erect the statue out in the open of the city rather than down in the dingy Arrow Cave.

If this is the case, then it appears that Season Five will continue to see the reputation of vigilantes improve within Star City after local citizens helped Oliver take down Damien Darhk once and for all .

Via CW

Via CW

Fans of Lance’s character will be happy to see the show honor her legacy in the next season of Arrow and beyond, but will this be enough to satisfy those who voted her in as ?

Fret not! There’s hope yet for those of you suffering from Katie Cassidy withdrawals; already appeared on The Flash once and could easily pop up again within the Flarrowverse in the near future.

Via CW

Via CW

Let’s not forget that already, potentially opening the door for the Arrow writers to secretly resurrect Black Canary without resorting to magic or other hokey plot devices.

Whether this memorial is the last we’ll see of Laurel or not, the Arrow writers have their work cut out for them in Season Five, juggling a whole new cast of characters while consciously moving back toward the show’s roots.

Do you think Laurel Lance will ever return to Arrow as Black Canary

Via CW


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