Purple and pink splash galaxy paint!

This makeup look is inspired by a very popular makeup artist on instagram that goes by the name of kimberley margarita. I’ve been very fond of her artwork for nearly a year. I’ve also drawn her, go here to see the drawing on instagram @kartcreep

I love how unique her work is and how she makes it her own! every artist is special in there own way.

the good thing about this makeup look is that i only used 3 colours, purple , pink and white and a pair of thick false eyelashes.

its bright, bold, creative but also very simple:)

As you can see in the photo above the pink and purple is mixed in random areas to the face, i chose around my eyes, neck, lips and a little bit to my forehead.

i used a bristled brush with white face paint with a lot of water and used a splattered effect to the create the stars for the galaxy, i also went in with a very fine detail brush to add sparkles:)

this was super fun to do and didn’t take that long:)

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