Quicksilver Isn’t The Only One: The Complicated Family History Of X-Men Magneto’s Children

Despite the lack of closure afforded to the respective characters, it was nice to finally get a set in stone reveal regarding the suspected parentage of Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters) in .

The silver haired speedster confirmed what we’d known ever since that famous line in Days of Future Past: that his father was none other than the metal-bending mutant Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender), one of .

Despite the fact that , it was still cool to see this famous aspect of the comic book characters carried over into the Fox-Marvel Universe.

Especially since we know we’re never going to get to see this in the due to the fact that a) Marvel/Disney don’t own the rights to use Magneto and b) the MCU Quicksilver is a little bit dead right now. Ah well, at least we still have Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen).

But did you know that the Maximoff twins aren’t the only children Magneto has fathered — or indeed that he didn’t really father them at all? Take a dive into comic book history with us to uncover the unreasonably confusing history of Magneto’s kids, and learn that just cause you’re a super-powered mutant leader doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use birth control.

Anya Eisenhardt

Back when Erik Lehnsherr was known by his real surname — but had already changed his first name from Max to Magnus Eisenhardt — he fled with his wife Magda from Auschwitz, escaping to Ukraine to start a new life.

Magneto with his wife, Magda [Marvel]
Magneto with his wife, Magda [Marvel]

There they had Magneto’s first daughter Anya Eisenhardt — who appears in Apocalypse named Nina and played by T.J. McGibbon. Similar to the events of Apocalypse, Magneto accidentally uses his powers at his place of work whilst lying low in Ukraine, although here it’s the first time he discovers he has these abilities.

The revelation of his powers causes fear amongst the populace, and an angry mob descend upon Magnus and Magda’s home, starting an accidental fire whilst Anya is trapped instead. Both parents attempt to save their child, but the house begins to collapse. Magnus is able to use his powers to save his wife, but the police prevent him from returning to save his daughter and he listens helplessly whilst she succumbs to the flames.

Anya is trapped in the burning house [Marvel]
Anya is trapped in the burning house [Marvel]

Again — as in Apocalypse — rage over his daughter’s death causes Magneto’s powers to fully awaken, and he murders everyone in the area except from his wife in a fit of anger and sorrow. This is the moment when he becomes Magneto for the first time, a pivotal moment in his life.


Sometime X-Factor member Polaris — a.k.a. Lorna Dane — is the result of an affair between her mother Suzanna and Magneto (Magneto doesn’t half get around). Her powers emerged at the worst of times — when flying in a plane with her mother and her pilot father, Arnold.

Magneto finds Lorna in the crashed plane [Marvel]
Magneto finds Lorna in the crashed plane [Marvel]

Her parents were arguing over Suzanna’s affair, and Lorna’s crying kickstarts her powers, ripping the plane apart and causing a crash which killed her parents. Magneto was drawn to the site of the crash and had Mastermind rewrite Lorna’s memories to forget the death of her parents and the emergence of her powers.

When an older Polaris and Magneto meet he tells her that she is his child and has her work with him, but Iceman tells her that she’s been tricked and she turns against her false-father.

Iceman tells Polaris that Magneto isn't her father [Marvel]
Iceman tells Polaris that Magneto isn’t her father [Marvel]

However, nearly four decades later it’s revealed that Magneto is in fact genetically Lorna’s father as the result of the affair, because comic books don’t give a damn about not folding back upon themselves.

Like her father Polaris can create and control magnetism and magnetic fields, which gives her the ability to create forcefields and use the magnetic field of the Earth to fly.

Wanda & Pietro Maximoff

The most famous of Magneto’s offspring are the mutant twins Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver. The twins were first introduced back in the 1960s as part of the Brotherhood of Mutants, but it wasn’t until a decade later that the issue of their parentage was brought into play.

The twins learn Magneto is their father [Marvel]
The twins learn Magneto is their father [Marvel]

Initially believing they were born to Roma gypsies Marya and Django Maximoff, it was then revealed that the Maximoff’s real parents were old-school superheroes Robert Frank/Whizzer and Madeline Frank/Miss America.

But then a few years later this story was retconned to reveal that the Frank’s children had died at birth. The couple were given Wanda and Pietro to raise as their own after the disappearance of their true mother Magda. Magda feld from Magneto in fear after seeing his powers emerge when Anya was killed — without telling him that she had become pregnant again — and later died when Wanda and Pietro were babies.

But wait, it gets even more complicated! A couple of years ago in Avengers & X-Men: AXIS it was again revealed that Magneto was not in fact a blood relation to the twins, when a spell cast by Wanda fails to strike him down.

Wanda realises that Magneto is not her father [Marvel]

Wanda realises that Magneto is not her father [Marvel]

Uncanny X-Men later went back to claim that their true parents are in fact Marya and Django Maximoff. Yeah, we don’t know either. This would make the most confusing Maury episode ever.

Charles Lehnsherr (Earth-295)

Time to dive into alternate realities with Charles Lehnsherr, who is the son of Magneto and — yep — Rogue. On Earth-27 and Earth-295 Rogue and Magneto are married and have children, and Charles Lehnsherr is the child of the Earth-295 Magneto who features in the Age of Apocalypse storyline.

Magneto and Rogue with Charles [Marvel]
Magneto and Rogue with Charles [Marvel]

In this continuity Magneto and Rogue lead the X-Men against the villain Apocalypse, who has taken over the Earth following the death of Charles Xavier — , whom Charles Lehnsherr is named for — many years prior. Charles doesn’t appear to have any particular powers, though they are perhaps still dormant due to his young age.

Charles was just a young child when he captured by Apocalypse during Age of Apocalypse, and held as a pawn to use against his parents.

Charles held captive by Apocalypse [Marvel]
Charles held captive by Apocalypse [Marvel]

He was eventually rescued and survived the ordeal, but was later killed off-panel by Demon-Ock — an alternate universe version of Doctor Octopus. Though his death is never seen, Demon-Ock apparently crushed his body and ate his intestines, so it’s probably a good thing we never saw those panels.

Magnus Lehnsherr (Earth-27)

Magnus Lehnsherr and Blink [Marvel]
Magnus Lehnsherr and Blink [Marvel]

Magnus is the alternate-universe child of Magneto and Rogue from Earth-27, in which Magneto is a reformed villain and de-facto leader of the X-Men. Rogue’s powers made for a complicated birth for both Charles in Earth-295 and Magnus in Earth-27, as they were nearly killed by her own mutant power.

Magnus survived the difficult birth, and was a child prodigy with the control he exhibited over his magnetic powers, his latent abilities being even greater than those of Magneto. However when he hit adolescence his secondary power emerged — a fusion of his mother and father’s abilities, he turned anyone he touched to metal.

Magnus's secondary powers emerge [Marvel]
Magnus’s secondary powers emerge [Marvel]

Ostracized from his peers due to this lethal touch, Magnus left his home world and ended up pulled through time into the desert of the universe-travelling Timebreakers.

The Timebreakers told him that he had to join the Exiles and repair damage caused to other worlds in the wake of reality becoming destabilized, changing his fate in his universe by causing him to have accidentally killed his mother Rogue by touching her on his thirteenth birthday.

Unfortunately he didn’t last much longer. During his first mission with the Exiles Magnus sacrificed himself to stop a nuclear bomb, saving the world but losing his own life. His body was later returned to Earth, and his parents were able to mourn his death.

Plague (Earth-1043)

Another alternate reality child to finish off, Plague is perhaps the least known of Magneto’s children — only appearing in two issues of the comics books X-Men: Millennial Visions and X-Men Extra.

Plague, Magneto's Earth-1043 daughter [Marvel]
Plague, Magneto’s Earth-1043 daughter [Marvel]

In the world of Earth-1043 Plague is the daughter of Magneto and Rogue Darkholme — the merged form of Rogue and Raven Darkholme/Mystique, to whom Magneto was married in this continuity (hold the threesome jokes till the end please).

The malevolent Plague was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and had the ability to create and control tiny robots with her mind. She used these robots to infect host bodies, and could control their actions and numbers at any given time.

However — the Earth-1043 continuity Rogue was also having a secret affair with Gambit so hey, who knows, maybe she’s actually his daughter instead of Magneto’s. Seeing how complicated Magneto’s family tree is, we wouldn’t be all that surprised by that.

Who’s your favorite of Magneto’s offspring? Tell us in the comments below!


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