Ranking The Five Most Morphinominal Blue Power Rangers!

The Blue Ranger is the only Power Ranger(apart from the Red Ranger) to be in every series of Power Rangers. From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the recently announced Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the Blue Ranger tends to be a right-hand man (or sometimes woman) to the Red Ranger. We have seen the Blue Ranger take on various roles, whether it;s the heart, brains or brawn of their team. Recently, we looked at , now it is the Blue Rangers’ turn. Let’s see who has made the list.

5. Koda – Dino Charge Blue Ranger

Powered by the Stegosaurus - Koda

Powered by the Stegosaurus – Koda

Koda is a character you kinda have to love. The fact he is a caveman from one hundred thousand years ago and was given immortality by the Stego Energem make him the oldest Ranger in existence. Due to him being frozen for a good portion of those years, he’s highly entertaining to watch. Koda struggles with modern living, such as the time he killed the Pink Ranger’s cell phone when it made an ‘alarming noise’ (it rang). But when you add in his devotion to his new family and his bravery, you can forgive him for what he lacks upstairs.

4. Kevin – Blue Samurai Ranger

Master of the water arts - Kevin

Master of the water arts – Kevin

Kevin is the definition of a loyal Blue Ranger. He was second-in-command of the Samurai Rangers, and a trusted friend and sparring partner to his fellow Rangers. His devotion to his destiny as the Blue Ranger saw him abandon his dreams of being an Olympic swimmer without hesitation. This, however, is also his biggest downfall. At times his devotion can be so strong that it blinds him to the obvious. However, his Ranger team always has his back, and as a result he is willing to push himself to help his team achieve victory.

3. Madison Rocca – Blue Mystic Ranger

The magic of water - Madison

The magic of water – Madison

Madison is a rare Blue Ranger, being one of only two female Blue Rangers to exist. She was not the first female Blue Ranger, but she is by far the better of the two. In fact, Madison was so unique as far as Blue Rangers go, she had to make this list. While she was quiet and reserved, she had a unique bond with her Ranger team. She would be the level-head for her sister the Pink Ranger, the support for the Green Ranger; she would encourage the Yellow Ranger and fall in love with the Red Ranger. It made her the glue that held her team together. When all seemed lost in their final battle, she was the one to stand up and said they could not quit.

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2. T.J Johnson – Blue Space Ranger

The intergalactic blue- T.J

The intergalactic blue- T.J

T.J is a special Ranger in general. Firstly, he was hand-picked by Tommy Oliver to lead the Turbo Rangers when it was his time to leave. This made T.J the first black leader of a Power Rangers team. Secondly, when his team headed to space and gained their new powers, he did not hesitate to hand leadership over to their new ally, the Red Space Ranger. This showed that along with being a natural leader, he was also smart enough to recognize when another Ranger was better for the job. He was a clear second-in-command and never wavered in fighting to save the galaxy.

1. Billy Cranston – Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger

Go go brainiest ranger - Billy

Go go brainiest ranger – Billy

Billy is the original Blue Ranger, but that alone is not why he has made the list. In a series like Power Rangers, Billy was the odd-Ranger-out. Unlike the others, Billy started out with weaker fighting skills than the other Rangers. As time went on, he became stronger and a better fighter. This made him invaluable to the team, as he had both brains and fighting skills. However, he never forgot that his mind was his most valuable asset to the team, and when the time came for him to quit as a Ranger, he never truly left the team. He instead continued to assist the Power Rangers from the Command Center with his technical expertise. His journey showed viewers everywhere that a superhero does not always have to be the strongest or the fastest.

Why these five over all the others?

With so many Blue Rangers to choose from, it was difficult choosing a top five. However, these five showcase perfectly all the aspect the Blue Ranger can stand for within the team, while still remaining an important member of their teams. Their are plenty of worthy mentions, including Skye the S.P.D Blue Ranger who never let the Red Ranger remember the pressures of being their Squad Leader. There is also Flynn, the RPM Blue Ranger, who brought brains, brawn and a touch of beauty to his team. But, as Billy would say, these five seem like the logical choices. Who would you say is your all time favorite Blue Ranger?

Who is your number one Blue Ranger? Let me know in the comments!


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