Rebels on Pointe

Trailer for Rebels on Pointe.

Once upon a time, the ballet was considered part of popular culture. Today, many call it an elitist art form dominated by women with a specific body type. Countering all these trends, New York City’s Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo is again opening the art form to a wider audience. By mixing high art with clever camp, the talented drag ballerinas of this dance troupe skillfully bring ballet classics to stages worldwide. Through their unique blend of humour and talent, the Trockaderos have amassed a dedicated following in countries like Japan, Canada and Scotland. Rebels on Pointe not only highlights the groundbreaking work of this unique ensemble, it also goes behind the tutus and makeup to reveal the talented men who work to diversify the art form. Rebels on Pointe Trailer (2017) Screen CaptureTrailer Addict has setup TA, Trailers Anonymous. Feel free to contact us at please enable javascript to view with your scoops, comments or advertising inquiries.