Trailer for Rebirth, starring Fran Kranz and Adam Goldberg.

Get up. Go to work. Come home, dinner, bed, do it all again. That’s life, every day, every year, until you die — unless you’ve got what it takes to be reborn. Rebirth gives a new lease on life, but only if you’re willing to pay the price.With films such as and under his belt, screenwriter slash director Karl Mueller has a habit of delivering though-provoking thrillers. His latest, Rebirth, screened at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, where it earned some mix reviews, with calling the film a David Fincher knock-off. We’re big fans of Fincher, so guess that sort of acclaim could be both good and bad.

Rebirth Trailer Screencap
Expanding on their own exclusive library of films in hopes of encouraging more subscribers, Netflix saw opportunity with this thriller in hopes that it finds some sort of cult following. Unlike a number of films that Netflix picks up for distrubtion, the premium network acquired and fully financed the project from the ground up.

The trailer for Rebirth definitely showcases the thrills, but is the story strong enough to win over a large audience? Hard to say, but it’s easy to see why Netflix is the perfect place for a film such as this. While Rebirth would have likely only saw a very limited run in theaters, the network release will boost viewership 100 fold. Case in point–While I definitely would have never made my way to theaters to catch this thriller — even with a cast that seems to favor me — I will definitely be giving it a shot on Netflix.
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