Remember That Time Your Comic Book Offended… Everyone?

If you can think of a race, gender, sex (male, female, or otherwise), ethnicity, or any other part of the world that could get offended, then the comics have probably done it!

Here is a list of, unfortunately, not all the times comic books have offended someone, but quite a few of them!


Men with little…feet

This guy had some confidence problems, so what did he do? He made a big weiner gun.

Power Girl

Women with little…hands

Even after Power girl’s boob reduction, they were still massively awesome and offensive.

Big Bertha

Obese women…hell, anyone who was obese

A classic “wtf were the writers thinking” moment.

Superman & Captain America

Our Japanese friends

I get it…a war was going on, and people needed to be encouraged to help out and be patriotic. But slapping that poor little guy? Yellow monkey? Come on now, boy scouts.

Black Kryptonians, Ebony White & Captain Coconut

African Americans everywhere, on Earth and Krypton

Black folk on any planet aren’t safe apparently, even on Krypton. They were sent to their own freaking planet!

Yes, Ebony White looks like THAT animal, and he’s helping a white dude. That was just the start of all the racism drawn in with this guy.

Also known as Anarchist, Captain Coconut tried so hard to scrub the color from his skin, he got superpowered acid-shooting hands out of the deal. All because he thought he should be white.


Just women in general

What would a gorgeous woman do if she got magical powers? Use them to get men, of course! In her case, she REALLY wanted Thor. And with Thor: Ragnarok coming up with Skurge, who was her right hand man…might we get a glimpse of her?


Even Eskimos weren’t safe

We get it, Green Lantern, there are eskimo pies. But we all know you’re not talking about the pies.


Effeminate Males

A character written for gay men by writers who have apparently never seen a gay man before.



See above line, but use the word “transgender” instead of “gay.” This man/gal would seduce men with his/her woman side, and beat them to a pulp with his/her man side.


Jews, probably

Using a hate-ray gun to make people hate each other, this guy turned out to be nothing more than a Hitler clone. But still, it’s probably always going to be too soon to go plastering the Fuhrer in comic books.


The Irish

Red hair? Check. Shamrock on her boobs? Check. Superpower of extreme luck? Check. Offended island full of Irish people? Probably check, if they were as easily offended as us Americans!

Egg Fu

Every Asian everywhere

A huge asian-looking egg with really broken english. ‘Nuff said.

Armless Tiger Man


He lost his arms in a German factory accident, so the Nazis sent him over to destroy machine things in America. Because he hates all machinery. Because machines caused him to lose his arms. But the sharp teeth? No friggin’ clue.

And last but not least…

Gin Genie


She gets her power from drinking! I totally understand that…alcohol helps me do all sorts of stuff I wouldn’t otherwise do. It usually involves yelling things in Spanish, which, considering I’m one of the whitest white boys on the planet, fits pretty good with this list.


Drug addicts

He gets his power from snorting cocaine! I totally DON’T identify with that. The white hair is a nice touch, though.

Floronic Man


Only nut-ball comic book writers would attempt to offend stoners, the most un-offendable bunch around. Floronic Man looks like the love-child of a Groot and some woman who loves trees too much, but is a big, forgetful marijuana man-plant with really bad jokes.

In fact, I bet if he had a pet, it would be a…