Rewind:Top 50 songs of 2010

Over five years ago, I started a process of finding the best songs of each year. Some of the best songs that I chose can be subjective,but overall it became a fun process. I know I jumped back a year,but this was the one that started it all.The following list has not changed since it’s inception. There are loads of surprises in store of you. Let’s start at number fifty shall we?50) Ke$ha- We R Who We RMeet the year’s most scandalous artist and she’s giving Lady Gaga a run for the title of best pop diva. I been debating if she was even going to be placed on the list at all. She got lucky with this party hit. Will she carry another hit into the future? Only time will tell.
49) The Ready Set- Love Like Woe Meet the artist that changed his name due to his last name. Known by as Jordan Witzigreuter, this young lad follows the same rise of fame like Justin Bieber. Signed under by that one dude from Fall Out Boy, The Ready Set is one of the many breakout artist in 2010. I’m hoping this kid won’t be a one hit wonder.48) Dr.Dre-KushAfter a nearly over a decade of being out of the limelight, the Doctor is back to form and rapping what he loves best, weed. Supplying the return of Dr.Dre is old time pal Snoop Dogg(he’s having a good year as well)and, Akon’s vocals. Welcome back Doctor! I miss you so much. Can I have some of the kush please?47) Natasha Bedingfield-Strip MeHey ladies! Do you want a female empowerment song on the list? Natasha Bedingfield has you covered. A very soulful and playful voice, Natasha delivers the goods.
46) Good Charlotte-Like It’s Her BirthdayI have to say, this year marks a lot of returns artists who been out of the mainstream scene for years. Another artist returning to form is Good Charlotte, one of the old pop punk bands still kicking it around. While their new song has their trademark song style, I’m still left hanging and wondering when they will bring something funny and great like their breakout hit,”The Anthem”. 45) Breaking Benjamin-Give Me A SignSuch a wonderful and talented rock band. With Give Me A Sign, the band scored a hit off their latest album,”Dear Agony”. What I can say? I love me a good slow rock song.44) Alicia Keys-Try Sleeping With A Broken HeartComing off strong her latest hit with Jay-Z, Alicia Keys masterful piano skills are shown with this powerful post-breakup song. I know it sounds all like a dance song, but the song overall is about moving forward.43) Sara Bareilles- King of AnythingIt’s in your face and I don’t care what you think kind of song. This breezy pop song by Sara Bareilles is fun and takes the meaning” it’s just you and not me” to soulful heights.42) Sean Kingston- Letting Go(Dutty Love)Sexy? Check. Sexual? Check. Have the year’s hottest female rapper? Double check. This banging dance song brings out the sexual freak in you. Just please, I really don’t want to see your clothes off when you dance to this song. Save that for private time.41) Michael Franti & Spearhead-The Sound of SunshineI love “Say Hey (I Love You)”. What would be the follow up to such a great song? You get The Sound of Sunshine. This fun summer jam is so upbeat, you may burst into doing a sing and dance.40)Alexis Jordan-HappinessLet’s keep this love train going on. Another newcomer to 2010 music scene. This breezy love track will keep you dancing full of happiness and then some.
39)Michael Bublé-Haven’t Met You YetThis pop ode to future love, Michael Bublé opens up to the world and declares that he is open to meeting Miss Right. Yup. Let me know who it is, fella.38) Justin Bieber- BabyOh hush. You knew I was going to put him on the list. Besides, he a babe magnet to all the screaming teens of all ages. Who knew singing about first love could be fun to listen to?
37) M.I.A.-XXXO And the hits keeps on coming. M.I.A. is a powerful force on the dance scene. XXXO proves that she is willing to be outspoken and keeps up the heat with this dance jam. 36) Train-If It’s LoveStill a great track from Train. This wonderful follow-up to their smash hit Hey, Soul Sister, Train give us more a personal love song.”If It’s Love” graces us with lovable hook that keep wanting you more.35) OneRepublic-SecretsSo what if it was featured in a so-so movie from Nic”I like the paycheck” Cage. Still, it’s a haunting melody of a song. “Secrets” has one goal, to make you think and make you feel.
34) Switchfoot- The Sound (John M. Perkins’ Blues)One the best rock songs to ever grace my headbang worthiness. The band pays a huge influence to John M. Perkins, which quotes him, ” Love is the final fight.” I think my head needs to be check after I stop headbanging to this song.33)Usher-Dj Got Us Fallin’ In LoveAfter my ears hated “OMG”, I really think Usher was running out of ideas to make us support what a wonderful and talented artist that he is. Then he gracefully bounced back with this miles better dance club song. Please, no more auto-tune song with lil from the Black Eye Peas.
32)R.Kelly-When A Women LovesThis 1950 sound song fused with the class of the R&B, you get “When A Women Loves”. A retro love song to the ladies.
31)Papa Roach-Kick in the TeethI am very impressed with how Papa Roach cranked up the sound with Kick in the Teeth. Having a bad day? Crank up this song. Hate your ex? Crank up this song. Problems at work? CRANK UP THIS SONG!! Just remember, I do not promote kicking anybody in the teeth, ok?
30)Taio Cruz-Break Your HeartIt’s a no brainer. I went with Taio Cruz’s breakout hit. Without a doubt, 2010 wouldn’t be as much fun without this great club song along the way.
29)Flo Rida- Turn Around(5,4,3,2,1)The king of the clubs is back with another song. With the beat the reminds me from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off , this club banger aims to makes you shake what your momma gave ya.
28) Jesse McCartney- ShakePop Idol Jesse McCartney is back with a smooth sexualized song. Jesse McCartney proves that you can be sweet and naughty at the same time.
27) Pink- Raise Your GlassThe bad party girl Pink is back! If you are looking for a good time, Pink delivers the party right to you. Dang, I need to raise my glass now. Where is my hot coco?
26) Mumford & Sons- Little Lion ManThis wonderful hip folky alternative rock song is catchy. I love.. love.. the hook. Mumford & Sons is a band worth looking forward to.
25)Paramore- The Only ExceptionI like to say, no other song has moved me emotionality like Paramore’s The Only Exception. I just always shed a tear when I listen to this song and think about how lovely this song is. A great and powerful love ballad worth listening to.24) Jessica Jarrell- Up and RunningLet’s change gears to a different kind of song. This bouncy and fun filled track also features Travie McCoy(who is also having a great year).
23) Travie McCoy-Need YouSpeaking of Travie McCoy.This frontman from Gym Class Heroes is having a stellar year as an solo artist. He had a hit with “Billionaire” earlier this year. It’s his latter song that caught my ear. Need You has a great hook to sing out loud and the whole track is very rock heavy.
22) Drowning Pool-Turns So ColdFor those remember them from their epic rock hit,”Bodies”, it feels like forever since they release something that good. Don’t worry, Turns So Cold is pointing to the right direction. Are they back for good or fade out? Lets hope it’s for good.
21) Kanye West-RunwayFor better or worst, Kanye West is still pumping out hip-hop/rap songs. Runway is by far his best song to date. He’s got a big ego, but his music is saying something else about him. He knows how to channel what on his mind and crafts haunting beats. Will he stop being a jerk? If he doesn’t, he going to lose a lot of fans and supporters. I just hope he put his mind on his music than people’s personal success.
20)Muse-Undisclosed DesiresMeet the rock band you need to get to know. Muse been around for awhile,but then came “Uprising”. Now Muse has found greater mainstream success all thanks to thier latest album “The Resistance” . Their latest track proves that they have something edgy and serious to their latest song.
19) Enrique Inglesias-HeartbeatAnother artist having a stellar year. With “I Like It” already a solid hit,Enrique Inglesias turns to the slow dance ballad Heartbeat. I gotta hand it to him, he knows how to craft a good heart wrenching song. Heartbeat bumps to the beat while slowly dives in into your mind.
18)Ne-Yo-Beautiful MonsterCall him the successor to the king of pop. Ne-Yo is slowly following the footsteps of the late MJ. For now, just call him the prince of dance/r&b as this track proves that he reins over.
17)B.o.B- Airplanes pt.2B.o.B will be the only artist going to have two songs on this list. Meet the former song that gave us the one of most wonderful hooks of 2010.
16) Eminem-Love The Way You LieJust epic. Emotional. Powerful. Truthful. Eminem’s finest song to date.
15) The Black Keys-Tighten UpI just don’t know what to really say about this song. I just love it. It’s like I been transported to another place. This smooth rock track just melts with coolness.
14) B.o.B- MagicDid Rivers Cuomo make a fun hook? Yes. Did B.o.B called him magic? Yes he did. This party track will keep feet moving till its over. Now that’s what I call magic!
13) Florence + The Machine- Dog Days Are OverJust what a voice! I mean, forget it, game over. I never heard such a voice of beauty. Plus the whole track is just great.
12)Soulja Boy Tell`em-Blowing Me KissesSoulja Boy is back. Now he moving the stereos with Blowing Me Kisses. This hip-hop track proves that Souja Boy can do a little romance to the ladies.
11) Far East Movement-Like A G6What the hell is a G6? Don’t ask me. I forgot what a G6 means. Anyways, this is Far East Movement debut song. I must say, I impressed. Just don’t spike my blizzard please.
10) Rihanna-What’s My Name?It’s sexy. It’s sassy. It’s Rihanna latest song. While Drake turns up the heat, Rihanna burn it up with the hook. Just man, I need to open a window or something.
9)Snow Patrol-Just Say YesSnow Patrol has come a long way from the days since Chasing Cars. Their latest just proves they are a band that never stays off message. Love. Love. Love. Just say yes to love people.
8)Kelly Rowland-Rose Colored GlassesIt’s a different kind of female empowerment song. The kind where guys have to take a listen to. The former Destiny’s Child member has a cord to strike with you. Wise up fella, you just might lose someone great.
7)Nicki Minaj-Right Thru MeShe is the year’s hottest female rapper. Now, she is also one of many talented Hip-Hop artists on this list. With a blend of rap and a wonderful beat, Right Thru Me is a must listen.
6) Katy Perry-FireworkShe is a hit maker. Teenage Dream has a slew of hits already out or ready to be release to the world. Her latest, Firework, is a wonderful dance song and a empowerment one also.5)Akon-AngelOne: It’s a dance song
Two: It’s a love song.Akon masterfully delivers a solid hit to woo the ladies to love.4)Nelly-Just A DreamAfter a disappointing 2008, I thought I would never see another good hit from Nelly. Two years later, he releases his best yet, Just A Dream. The lyrics are powerful and so is the beat.
3)Mike Posner-Please Don’t GoAfter finding success with his breakout hit,” Cooler Than Me”, Mike Posner set his sights on his follow-up. Enter, Please Don’t Go. A song about late night love and the worries of ever seeing the one person you held close to ever again. Why I like this song? Because I can relate to it.
2)Linkin Park-Waiting For The EndI love this band. I REALLY LOVE THIS BAND!! My love for them keep growing with their latest song off “A Thousand Suns” album. It’s quotable. It’s singable. It just flat out rocks.
And now, the number one song of 2010….1) Bruno Mars-Just The Way You AreI just fell in love with lyrics. I just wanna sing it to someone. It also makes me smile. Bruno Mars first solo hit is breakout one. He proves to the world he is a great solo artist and delivers a wonderful message of empowerment to all the ladies. That’s it kids! Done. Over with! Send your comments below and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.