Rico From Hannah Montana Is A Totally Ripped Hipster Now!

Moisés Arias has been out the public eye for a while ( ) and the Hannah Montana actor has managed the baffling feat of looking both totally different and exactly the same. Oh, and he’s totally ripped.

Check out the side-by-side photo illustrating his dramatic transformation since below:

From emerald angel to pitch black, drop-crotch, purse carrying prince, I for one certainly wouldn’t recognize Moisés if I walked past him on the street. I mean, so much here has changed…

There’s That Ridiculous Ripped Bod


Not to mention that that’s going on here…

Those Unkempt, Untameable Locks

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Just like his former costar Miley, it Arias really can’t be tamed.

His Oh So In Septum Piercing

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Clearly Moisés knows what’s going down in they style stakes and he isn’t afraid to suffer for his art.

His Totally Hip Squad

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That Badass Skateboard

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Hot wheels, man!

But Bizarrely, If You Cover Him In Mud, He Looks Exactly The Same!

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How does that even work?

Do you think Moisés Arias looks better with his hip new look?


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