Rumoured Titles For The Justice League Film Point Towards THAT Storyline!

You might have clicked on this article in a confused manner while whispering to yourself, “What’s this guy on? It’s already got a name, right? Well you’re correct in assuming that, up to this point, the upcoming culmination of the entire DCEU (which will be four films long by that point) has been referred to, in a rather uninspired way, as

Justice League Part 1.

However, it was recently rumoured that this was merely a working title, and now it seems like that may be true.

Umberto Gonzales over at has reported, while warning everyone to take the news with a pinch of salt, four titles which are currently under consideration for the film:

Justice League United

Justice League: Angels and Demons

Justice League: Gods Among Us

Justice League: Gods Among Men

But again, these are just rumors. Of course, if they’re true then there is a potentially huge significance to them considering one of these titles! And to explore it, we have to go all the way back to 2013.

Injustice: Gods Among us

As far as superhero video games go, this was one of the best. Injustice had a great storyline, which involved Superman being driven insane by the death of Lois Lane, and taking over the world as a result. Now, look back and see that one of those working titles is Justice League: Gods Among Us, similar no? Let’s get to the point, I’m saying that DC may be about to make a cinematic version of Injustice. Could this happen? Well yes, there’s already been hints towards it.

1. The Knightmare!

Batman had a little dream in Dawn of Justice… I think it was a dream… it probably wasn’t. Anyway, whatever he had, it was certainly foreboding, and included things like destroyed cities, Superman ruling the world, and possibly working with Darkseid and his parademons. All of that sounds a little Injustice like. And that wasn’t all.

2. The Flashy Warning!

Now, when Bruce woke up, you may recall that a certain friend popped by and warned him about a couple of things. Barry Allen, the Flash, told Bruce that “You were right about him.” and “Lois is the key.” Now, if Bruce, at this point thinking Superman would try to rule humanity at some point, was right about him, and Lois, whose death has been known to drive Supes insane, is a key to something, then isn’t it possible that Lois is going to get killed and drive Superman into taking over the world, proving Bruce right about him? The Flash went on to say that “I’m too early” and therefore he was probably time travelling to a time before whatever went horribly wrong occurred, and was meant to end up at a time when Bruce would know who he was and what the cryptic warning would mean so he could stop it. In the Injustice story, the people resisting Superman’s reign brought the Batman from another earth through to help them, is it possible that in the film version the Flash will bring the Batman from a previous time to help them?

Of course, I acknowledge that there are a few things which make it hard to bring about this storyline. Such as:

1. Superman Is Dead!

Oh yeah… how can he take over the world if he’s dead? I’m just kidding, obviously he is coming back and this is no barrier whatsoever. In fact it just makes it more likely, as no matter what way he is brought bck, he was dead, and that’s known to kind of change people.

2. Consequences!

Sure, you could pull an X-Men: Days of Future Past in reverse by bringing someone from the past to save the future, like I suggested above, and thereby changing the entire outcome, but wouldn’t that be a really big cop-out to throw into this universe so early? It would kind of be like having Batman and Superman hate each other or Superman dying really on. Oh wait… yeah. But seriously, after killing Superman and squeezing their way out of that (not yet, but they will) are DC really going to have Superman take over the world and then reverse it all? That would really suck.

So there you go. Could Warner Bros be considering this name for the film so they can use this story? Or are they considering it because it’s another exploration of how the League are viewed as Gods by the people of Earth and that can lead to serious repercussions? Or are they just looking for a cool name? OR is it just a rumor and they’re not even considering it and you just wasted a whole bunch of time reading this? Yeah… it’s probably that.