Sara Lance Is DC’s Only LGBT Superhero Onscreen: Here Are 5 More We Could See In The DCEU

Let’s face it, if you’re after for LGBT representation, . Which is ironic, considering the last two decades have seen both DC and Marvel add , in their efforts to be more inclusive for their readership. The movies and TV shows are another matter, which is unfortunate.

As it stands, there is only one obliquely queer superhero in DC’s cinematic and televised media, and that is Sara Lance of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, who is openly bisexual. Sara’s presence in the DCTV multiverse has been praised ever since her bisexuality was first revealed, as she became a beacon of representation for LGBT viewers everywhere.

But while there are other queer characters in DC’s TV shows (and yet more to come in the form of ), Sara remains the only queer superhero outside of DC’s comics universe. And that’s really not good enough.

We’re not going to wax lyrical about the importance of LGBT representation, so let’s just move past that part of the discussion and on to the queer characters that DC could add to their DCEU lineup. And we’re going to focus on the films, because , and having a queer character in a mainstream movie would be a huge victory for the LGBT community ( ).

So without further ado, here are 5 queer superheroes who need to get into the DCEU like, yesterday.

1. Batwoman / Kate Kane

Batwoman in the New 52 [DC].

Batwoman in the New 52 [DC].

Ironically, the first Batwoman was introduced as Batman’s love interest, specifically to dispell rumors among fans that Bruce Wayne was gay himself. The character did not prove to be very popular, and was retconned out of existence in the Infinite Crisis On Infinite Earths continuity reset. A later reset, Infinite Crisis, brought her back, this time as Bruce Wayne’s cousin. Oh, and her current incarnation is a lesbian.

This version of Kate Kane became immensely popular, which was thanks in large part to her sublime New 52 comic series, which developed her romantic relationship with Maggie Sawyer.

A proposal does not a wedding make: DC banned the couple from getting married.

A proposal does not a wedding make: DC banned the couple from getting married.

What about the movies? But enough of her comics incarnation— with the DCEU expanding, Batwoman would be the perfect addition to Batman’s upcoming solo movie, especially as .

2. Green Lantern / Alan Scott

Alan Scott in the New 52 [DC]

Alan Scott in the New 52 [DC]

Contrary to popular belief, Hal Jordan was not the first Green Lantern — this honor belongs to Alan Scott, who held the title of Green Lantern from 1940 to 1949. Due to dwindling sales, this title was canceled and Green Lantern was reinvented in 1959 as Hal Jordan. Alan Scott did return in 1963, but was shunted to a parallel Earth to avoid confusion with Hal Jordan.

In the New 52 canon reset, Alan Scott was revealed to be gay, with a long term boyfriend named Sam. This decision was groundbreaking, especially considering Alan Scott’s standing as the first Green Lantern.

Alan Scott and Sam in the New 52 [DC]

Alan Scott and Sam in the New 52 [DC]

What about the movies? Green Lantern has been stuck in limbo for a long time, but a few months ago Entertainment Weekly confirmed that there was a movie in development. Dubbed Green Lantern Corps, this film will be released in 2020, and as it’s not just about Hal Jordan, it seems entirely possible (and even likely) that the DCEU will use Green Lantern Corps to introduce Alan Scott. Here’s hoping they also introduce his boyfriend, too.

3. Catwoman / Selina Kyle

Catwoman in the New 52 [ DC]

Catwoman in the New 52 [ DC]

Ok, if Catwoman does appear in the DCEU it’s highly likely she’ll be a love interest for Batman. But considering the Bruce of the DCEU is getting on in years, it’s entirely possible that his history with Selina Kyle could be just that: History. Personally, I would kill for a movie version of Catwoman where she flirts with Bruce, then marches off into the sunset with her current girlfriend. Because yes, Selina is bisexual in the comics.

What about the movies? Again, this would work in Batman’s solo movie, but there’s another film in which Catwoman could appear — and the other female heroes and villains of DC Comics. Catwoman would be a purrfect fit (sorry, couldn’t resist) for this movie, as the foil and occasional ally to the Birds of Prey.

4. Midnighter & Apollo

Midnighter & Apollo in Wildstorm comics [DC, kinda]

Midnighter & Apollo in Wildstorm comics [DC, kinda]

First appearing in Wildstorm comics, Midnighter and his husband Apollo became a part of the DC Comics canon when the two publishers merged in 1998. When they were first introduced, Midnighter and Apollo seemed to be an analogy of Batman and Superman, as the characters were very similar. But there was something different about the closeness of Midnighter and Apollo’s relationship, as they were frequently depicted lounging together (half naked) after battles.

This became less and less subtle as the years wore on (and the less said about , the better), with the couple eventually getting married and adopting a daughter.

Now that's what I call romantic.

Now that’s what I call romantic.

What about the movies? Granted, these characters are a little off-the-wall for the DCEU, and they’re certainly not mainstream. But they work very well as a parallel to Batman and Superman, and should the DCEU introduce the concept of a multiverse, this would be very interesting to see.

5. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn in the New 52 [DC]

Harley Quinn in the New 52 [DC]

“But Harley Quinn’s already in the DCEU!” I hear you cry. While this is true, it seems increasingly likely that Suicide Squad will not include any reference to Harley Quinn’s bisexuality, as she flirts with everyone from Batman to Wonder Woman. However, Suicide Squad will focus on Harley getting over the Joker, and hints from Will Smith suggest that Harley might turn her eye to Deadshot next.

After Suicide Squad, there’s always the prospect of Margot Robbie’s movie, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that this film will introduce viewers to Harley’s most endearing relationship yet — .

Harley and Ivy in DC's 'Bombshells'.

Harley and Ivy in DC’s ‘Bombshells’.

Of all these characters, Harley Quinn seems to be the most likely to be DC’s first LGBT superhero in the movies (though arguably she’s a villain-come-antihero), but my money’s on Alan Scott being the best next bet.

Which LGBT hero do you want to see in the DCEU?

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