Savitar Is Coming To ‘The Flash’ Season 3: Here’s What You Need To Know

The CW’s panel at the TCAs was like a gift that just kept on giving: Not only did we find out that and that , it was also revealed that the DC Comics supervillain Savitar will be debuting on Season 3 of The Flash. In fact, according to rumors, Savitar is actually going to be the formerly unknown dark speedster that Kid Flash is seen battling in the Flashpoint timeline.

First appearing in DC Comics in The Flash Volume 2, Issue 108 in 1995, Savitar has been involved in many iconic Flash arcs. Ahead of his battle with the Flash on the TV Show, let’s take some time to get to know the speedster better and find out some important information about Savitar.

Savitar Was A Military Pilot

Before he was Savitar, he was a Cold War military pilot from a third world nation. However, one night he was testing an experimental supersonic fighter jet when it was struck by lightning. Although the plane went down in enemy territory, he was infused with the Speed Force and thus, could move at super-speed. Thanks to his new gifts, he defeated the enemy and subsequently dedicated his life to unlocking the secrets of his newfound abilities.

He Named Himself After A God

Yes, you heard that correct. Believing that his speed was a divine gift, Savitar named himself after Savitr, the Hindu God of motion. This is actually quite ironic as Savitar himself gained a cult-like following, with many people worshiping him like he was a god.

The gifts he received were identical to He gained super-speed, accelerated healing, the ability to react at a superhuman speed, all thanks to the Speed Force.

Savitar Hated Other Speedsters

Savitar (DC Comics).

Savitar (DC Comics).

Undoubtedly Savitar’s most iconic arc was when he brought the fight to other speedsters in the DC Universe. As Savitar’s rise took place during the Cold War era, he sought out the only other speedster known at the time — Johnny Quick. However, due to Savitar’s obsession with speed and campaign against other speedsters, the two quickly became embroiled in a heated battle. This battle would conclude when Max Mercury came to the aid of Johnny Quick and ended up defeating Savitar by leading him towards the Speed Force which resulted in him being thrown forward decades into the future to arrive in the present day.

Of course, the war was not over as Savitar’s craving for speed did not stop and he ended up taking on many of the modern day speedsters, including The Flash (Wally West), the original Flash (Jay Garrick), Impulse, Jesse and Johnny Quick, XS and his primary target: Max Mercury.

This is quite interesting because when Savitar shows up on The Flash it seems he will have lots of competition: whether it’s The Flash, the Flashpoint timeline’s Kid Flash, Earth-3’s Jay Garrick, Earth-2’s Jesse Quick and even Earth-1’s Reverse-Flash. Lots of speedsters for Savitar to obsess over!

He Tried To Steal Their Speed

Upon his return to the present day, Savitar found that his cult had grown significantly and were now calling themselves the “Thunderbolt Agents.” Realigning with them, he joined forces with Lady Flash, and together they managed to use her powers to steal speed from most of Earth’s speedsters. He also managed to transfer the heroes’ speed into the Thunderbolt Agents. However, the one person’s speed he could not steal was The Flash.

He Got Trapped In The Speed Force

Hellbent on gaining some retribution for his consistent failures against the Scarlet Speedster, Savitar ventured out on a worldwide race of destruction. Eventually, the Flash agreed to give him what he wanted — union with the Speed Force. However, he somehow got trapped in the Speed Force and remained there for quite some time.

He Returned… But Died

Savitar returned in the 2009 comic The Flash: Rebirth #1 when he was freed from the Speed Force. However, in a cruel twist, he was chased by the returning Flash, Barry Allen only to be turned to dust when touched by Allen. It was later revealed that Reverse-Flash had tampered with he Speed Force, cursing Barry Allen to kill any speedster he came into contact with.

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The Flash chases Savitar (DC Comics).

The Flash chases Savitar (DC Comics).

Savitar’s greatest rival is undoubtedly the Flash. So obviously his upcoming appearance might make you think “Oh, he’s going to be a powerful enemy for Barry.” However, the Flash that Savitar was unable to defeat was Wally West. Wally was the one person whose speed Savitar could not steal, and he was always on hand to stop him. To say that Wally was a thorn in his side would be an understatement.

This is why it’s likely that as that timeline’s primary hero will be Wally as Kid Flash. With the comic book history between the two, the thought of seeing them clash on the small screen is one that gives me goosebumps. Plus, seeing Barry get involved too would be the icing on the cake.

So now that you’re all caught up on the man they call Savitar, you can see why I was incredibly excited to hear about his impending debut on The Flash. With a long comic history with Wally West and an unfortunate death by Barry Allen, it’s clear to me that Savitar couldn’t have shown up on the TV at a better time — when both Flashes are active. Whether he adapts much from the comic remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: Savitar is coming!

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