‘Saw 8’ Poster Art: 8 Posters For ‘Saw 8’ Legacy, By Saw Fans

From the low-budget shock of the to the dizzy excesses of Saw 3D, the and ludicrously profitable. So much so, in fact, that we’re finally getting an eighth installment, . We’re getting another ‘New Beginning’…

Saw 8: Legacy, the 8th Saw movie in the franchise, has inspired some creative fans to make great Saw 8 poster art. In lieu of any official poster release — well, — check out eight cool fan-made posters to feast your eyes on until we’re granted something official!

1. Saw 8: Shattered Legacy

Artist: Callum O’Brien,

Tagline: One Last Game

2. Saw 8: Bloody Legacy


Tagline: Game Over

3. Saw 8: Tortured Legacy


Tagline: And You Thought It Was Over

4. Saw 8: Playful Legacy

Source: (Cannot find who made this poster — get in touch if you know who it was!)

Tagline: The Game Just Entered Sudden Death

5. Saw 8: Hidden Legacy


Tagline: Not Dead Yet…

6. Saw 8: Hungry Legacy


Tagline: Todo Puzzle Tiene Sus Piezas (”Every puzzle has its pieces”)

7. Saw 8: Watchful Legacy


Tagline: Will You Survive The Game?

8. Saw 8: Minimalist Legacy


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Have you seen any amazing fan designs for a Saw 8 poster, and what do you hope to see in the official one?

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