‘Saw II’ Needle Pit Video: How Shawnee Smith Jumped Into 120,000 Syringes

The creators of the Saw movies put a lot of love into what goes on, from to !

One of the best loved is the infamous Needle Pit trap in , starring the marvelous Shawnee Smith as Amanda. Check out this awesome video to see how much love and care went into creating this memorable moment.

If eight minutes is just too much, here’s a quick round-up of the most interesting parts of the ‘Making of the Saw II Needle Pit’ video:

  • The pit required over 120,000 needles.
  • It took 4 days for a team of people to take the needles out of the syringes and replace with the points wiht fiber optics.
  • The needles protruding from Shawnee Smith’s are real, they’re just sticking into high density foam under her clothes. The body of these syringes were specially made, lightweight model syringes because the real ones were too heavy and would flop or pull her skin rather than poking out at the desired angle.
  • The needles were coated in a slimy substance, ”quite gentle to the touch” so that Shawnee Smith could rummage through them more easily.
  • A proper trooper, Shawnee Smith really enjoyed shooting this scene, saying:

”Oh, that needle pit was just so much fun, I loved it!”

What’s your favorite scene from the Saw franchise?

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