Scott Eastwood’s Mystery Suicide Squad Role Revealed?

A little less than two months from release, Suicide Squad has got fans around the world buzzing with excitement. From the debut of Harley Quinn and Deadshot, to Jared Leto’s Joker, fans have got a lot to look forward to when the ‘Skwad’ hit theatres in August, but there is one role that fans are looking forward to for a completely different reason.

In March 2015, Scott Eastwood announced that he had been cast in the film, but his role has been unspecified thus far. The producers of the film are keeping his characters identity a secret and this has provoked many fan theories that he could be playing an undercover Dick Grayson, or even Roy Harper. The mystery surrounding his character has got fans hyped for the movie, and is one of the many intriguing aspects of the film that hasn’t been revealed. Are the producers keeping his identity a secret for a reason? Is he to play a bigger role in the ever expanding DC Universe? If a recent Wikipedia entry is to be believed, then no.

Roy Harper isn't happy!

Roy Harper isn’t happy!

If you enter the , you will find a heading for the film adaptations Squad. Under that heading you will see that it states Scott Eastwood is playing Nemesis. Yeah, not Nightwing, not Deathstroke, Nemeis. Anti climatic if you ask me. Now you may be asking yourself “Who is Nemesis?” and rightly so.

Who is Nemesis?

Some eagle eyed viewers may recognise Nemesis, real name Thomas Andrew Tresser, as a background character in various Justice League Unlimited episodes. Apart from his sporadic appearances in the animated series, Tresser hasn’t appeared in any other form of media.

Avid Suicide Squad fans will recognise him from several comic book runs where he appears as a sporadic squad member. His most significant comic book appearance came in The Brave and the Bold #166 through 192, where his brother Craig murdered his family whilst brainwashed and then was subsequently killed by agents in self defence. Tresser then became “Nemesis” opting to use the name of his vigilante alter ego rather than his disgraced family name. Tresser then teamed up with Batman to clear his brothers name.

Why David Ayer would choose to include Nemesis but hide his identity as if he is a major player in DC is beyond me. This trick has proved very ineffective amongst fans as Arrow found out earlier this year. Arrow twice hinted towards the Questions debut before throwing a curveball and bringing in a made for TV character. They also pulled this trick with the season finale where they teased a “surprise ally” that many were lead to believe was Constantine or the debut of Zatanna. The showrunners faced backlash for teasing and misleading fans in this way, so Ayer would know not to do this.

Sad Nightwing is sad

Sad Nightwing is sad

At the end of the day, this is a Wikipedia entry, this is to be taken with the tiniest grain of salt. Although one has to wonder, why would it be kept up on Wikipedia for this long without proof? False information entered into Wikipedia is usually removed within a day or less, there must be some credibility to this to some extent.

This wouldn’t be the first time characters identities have been leaked onto public forums this year, as Teddy Sears announced that his IMDB entry almost spoiled The Flash’s major reveal. Sears stated that his IMDB entry was modified around January and stated that he was playing “Jay Garrick/Zoom”. The showrunners then contacted Sears and accused his publicity team of doing the devious act. The swift response from the Flash showrunners makes me wonder why David Ayer hasn’t responded to the Wikipedia entry. Do DC know about this apparent leak?

It will be interesting to see if Eastwood will in fact play Nemesis. With all the publicity and buzz surrounding his role that includes big names such as Nightwing, Deathstroke and Arsenal, fans will be ticked off if his reveal is that of a Z list character.

Scott Eastwood’s surprise role will be revealed when Suicide Squad hits theatres August 5th 2016!

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