Sebastian Stan Reveals His Thoughts On A Cap/Bucky Romance

Now, with a lot of fan-attention in the immediate wake of Captain America: Civil War‘s arrival focusing on things like ‘Holy crap that was awesome’, ‘No, seriously, how good was that?’ and, of course, , there wasn’t a whole lot of room for anything much else for a little while there.

Eventually, though, things calmed down enough that we could all move on to more pressing matters, like Captain America’s sex life. More specifically, – something that actually makes a whole lot more sense within MCU canon than it may initially seem… just so long as he dates Bucky ‘The Winter Soldier’ Barnes. What we weren’t 100% sure of, though, was exactly what the man who plays Bucky – and who would thus likely have a pretty good idea about whether such an idea was going to fly – thought about the whole thing. Until now. Y’see…

Sebastian ‘Bucky Barnes’ Stan Just Revealed Exactly What He Thinks About A Cap/Bucky Romance

And, as it turns out, he has…mixed feelings about the whole thing. As he recently revealed to GQ:

“Look, man, I think it’s great. Movies are for people to relate to in whatever way the want. No one here is ever going to point a finger and say what’s right and wrong. For me, it’s like Awww. It’s cute, it’s great. If someone takes the time to think about that, thats great. I don’t think of the character that way, though. But there’s no right or wrong answer.”

Or, in other words? According to Stan, it’s a nice idea, but it’s probably not ever actually going to be a thing. After all, if the folks over at Marvel really were planning on springing a gloriously surprising ‘Stucky’ (Steve+Bucky) reveal on us, it seems they’d probably have told Stan by now.

That and, y’know, avoided having Cap make out with multiple female members of the Carter family.

If Cap and Bucky might not be happening, though – could that mean we’re finally going to get the chance to see , just like in the comic-books?

If so, Jeremy Renner’s .

What do you reckon, though?

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