Secrets And Easter Eggs From The ‘Justice League’ SDCC Trailer: Who Will The 7th Member Be?

DC provided SDCC fans with over the weekend and so far, the trailer has . Not only does it look like Warner Bros. are back on track now after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice divided audiences and critics alike, there’s a chance that Justice League could even become the new superhero movie to beat β€” although of course the studio’s very own also kicked some serious ass in her SDCC debut too.

Understandably then, fans are clamouring to find out as much as they can about Justice League before it hits screens on November 17, 2017, but unless you have Clark Kent’s super vision or the lightning fast reflexes of the Flash, it’s hard to keep track of all the easter eggs contained in Warner Bros. new trailer. Leave it to Movie Pilot to save the day, as we round up all of the best hints and secrets hidden throughout the mind blowing promo for DC’s ultimate team-up movie.

Just wonderful. [Via Warner Bros]

Aquaman – The Fish Whisperer

For a character who’s been made fun of more than any other superhero over the years, the Justice League trailer sure does feature a lot of Aquaman. Understandably so, as Jason Momoa genuinely looks like he was born to play the Atlantean King, .

Dat hair doe [Via Warner Bros] U

Rather than ignore the fact that Aquaman is often mocked for his ability to control marine life, Justice League cleverly makes a direct reference to this at the end of the trailer when Bruce Wayne extends an invitation to join the team:

“Arthur Curry, I hear you can talk to fish.”

There’s a chance that Aquaman could be offended by Wayne’s remarks, which would explain why he is absent when the rest of the team enter an ominous-looking room earlier on in the trailer. We’re just praying that at least once in the final film.

Momoa’s Aquaman is More Distinct From the Comic Book Version Than We Realised

Aside from the obvious costume changes, the other most important thing to note about Momoa’s version of Aquaman is that contact lenses have been used to alter the appearance of his eyes, presumably because they would have evolved to work effectively in the pitch-black depths of the ocean floor.

Someone should also mention to the Atlantean King that the bottle of liquor he’s downing at Amnesty Bay will seriously dehydrate him, to the point where rum could prove to be far more deadly than a thousand Kryptonite spears for Superman.

Aquaman's loving life [Via Warner Bros]
Aquaman’s loving life [Via Warner Bros]

Cyborg’s Background Will Be Explored in More Detail

Far less is seen of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg in the Justice League trailer, but his brief appearances still provide some strong hints of what’s to come for everyone’s favorite bionic hero.

We have the technology! [Via Warner Bros.]
We have the technology! [Via Warner Bros.]

A scene where Cyborg is shown wearing a letterman’s jacket without cybernetic enhancements suggests that Victor Stone’s origin story will be fleshed out beyond his brief cameo appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We also know that the character will be somewhat older than his comic book counterpart, as the aforementioned scene from the trailer shows that Cyborg will attend GCU (Gotham City University). What we don’t know yet is the full extent of Stone’s powers, as he usually has a vast array of technological abilities at his disposal.

The Flash’s Room Contains More Secrets than Gretchen Wiener’s Hair

For real though [Via Warner Bros.]
For real though [Via Warner Bros.]

Out of everything we’ve seen so far in the Justice League trailer, the one scene that contains more fanboy material to sift through than any other is the moment where Bruce Wayne confronts the Flash in his own home, taking up valuable space in the speedster’s second favorite chair.

Aside from a rather pointless bike, Barry Allen’s apartment also contains a huge number of books, suggesting that the cinematic Flash enjoys speed-reading just as much as his TV counterpart. Behind his costume, the eagle-eyed among you may have also spotted a number of sketches that show the design process Barry went through before arriving at this final outfit, including some extremely familiar looking golden wings.

Bruce Wayne is the ultimate Bond villain [Via Warner Bros.]
Bruce Wayne is the ultimate Bond villain [Via Warner Bros.]

On one of many screens contained in Barry’s room, a neon skull features rather prominently, which suggests one of two things; either this Flash has developed a prototype of Gideon, the super computer that played a prominent role in Season One of the TV show, or he just likes freaky screen savers. Either way, any extra insight into Barry’s character is always welcome.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that another one of the screens playing behind Bruce features a scene from the hilarious cartoon show Rick and Morty, where Rick and his granddaughter are fighting the Devil himself after he almost tricked them with a Faustian type deal.

Whether this is a symbolic allusion that suggests Batman is forging a dangerous pact with the Flash or whether Barry simply appreciates quality adult cartoons remains to be seen. It all depends on whether you believe Zack Snyder is capable of layering his sets with that much background detail or not. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Who Is Shooting at the Flash?

Cyborg? [Via Warner Bros.]

While the Justice League trailer doesn’t reveal too much in the way of action just yet, there is one brief scene where Barry dodges a red laser of some kind in full costume. There’s a chance that this could have been taken from a brief run-in with Superman or Cyborg, either as a training exercise or due to some type of misunderstanding, but what if there’s more to it than that?

Rumours suggest that Darkseid could be the new big bad of the DCEU (more on that later), so it’s possible that the Flash may be dodging one of his omega beams, although these tend to follow their target regardless of how fast they’re moving.

Why is Barry’s Lightning Blue?

Take it, Barry! [Via Warner Bros.]
Take it, Barry! [Via Warner Bros.]

It’s also worth mentioning the colour of Barry’s lightning here. In the past, the energy created from the Speed Force has sometimes held significance, differing between speedsters due to a variety of factors. There’s a chance then that the blue colour of the Flash’s lightning could mean more than is immediately apparent, alluding perhaps to his speed level.

However, it’s also possible that Snyder may simply want to distance his version of Barry as far as possible from the CW’s Flash, who usually creates yellow lightning while on the move. Either way, let’s hope that Snyder can justify this aesthetic choice for the fans who have already denounced this departure from comic book canon.

Ouch [Via Warner Bros.]

Who Will Be the Main Villain?

Motherboxes aren't just for Christmas [Via Warner Bros.]
Motherboxes aren’t just for Christmas [Via Warner Bros.]

Reports suggest that there will be three Motherboxes – objects of immeasurable power that are often used for destructive purposes in the comics – and near the beginning of the trailer, it looks like one is being buried in a flashback. Whether this is the Motherbox used to create Cyborg as seen in the security footage from Dawn of Justice or whether it’s a different one entirely remains to be seen, but either way, this stands as further confirmation that Darkseid is somehow involved.

A deleted scene from Batman V Superman has already introduced Steppenwolf into the DCEU, a powerful antagonist in his own right who will be the central villain in Justice League Part One. Steppenwolf’s comic book history is tied in directly with Darkseid, suggesting that the latter will manipulate events in the background like Thanos has done so far in the MCU, perhaps stepping to the fore by the time that Justice League Part Two is released.

Who Will the Seventh Member Be?

Those of us who learned to count at an early age may have noticed that the line-up revealed so far doesn’t quite reach the number that Snyder promised us in an enticing tweet last year.

As this promo only covers the first of two Justice League movies planned for release, there’s a chance of course that the seventh member could join Batman, Superman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman in the second film. What’s more likely though is that Snyder will introduce this mysterious hero in either the final fight or during a post-credits scene, blowing our collective minds with an incredible cliffhanger tease.

Who’s it going to be though? Well, Superman’s not the only hero missing from this trailer, as Aquaman’s wife Mera will also play an important role in the final cut of the film. The Queen of Atlantis isn’t usually affiliated with the Justice League though, aside from the obvious marital link, so it’s looking more likely that Green Lantern could be held back for a surprise reveal, which makes the most sense considering a Green Lantern Corps film has already been confirmed.

Mera and GL kicking ass with the League [Via Warner Bros.]

Mera and GL kicking ass with the League [Via Warner Bros.]

However, Snyder may decide to pull the old bait and switch on us and throw an entirely new hero into the mix. Our money’s on Shazam or Martian Manhunter, two prominent League members in the comics, although Green Arrow does have his own considerable following these days, thanks to Stephen Amell’s portrayal of the Emerald Archer on the CW network.

Whether the final version of Justice League lives up to the promise of the trailer or not, we know that there’s no way Snyder can mess it up as badly as this at least.

Who do you think the seventh member should be? Did you spot any Justice League easter eggs we missed? Let us know in the comments section below and earn our undying respect.

We’re literally drowning in secrets right now. [Via Warner Bros.]


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