Secrets And Easter Eggs From The ‘Wonder Woman’ SDCC Trailer: Who Will The Main Villain Be?

While and , DC blew the competition out of the water with the release of the at SDCC.

and both had impressive showings at SDCC too, but if her first full-length promo is anything to go by, Wonder Woman’s solo venture could very well turn out to be the jewel in DC’s crown (or tiara).

She woke up like this. [Via Warner Bros.]

You didn’t come here for that though. After all, we already know that . You’re here to find out if the Wonder Woman trailer contains any hidden secrets or easter eggs that reveal more about the film before it hits theatres on June 2, 2017.

Well, and possibly an invisible airplane too, so join us as we break down everything that the new promo reveals about Wonder Woman’s first visit to the land of man.

Wonder Woman’s Origins Are Left Unclear

Themyscira or Mordor? You decide. [Via Warner Bros.]
Themyscira or Mordor? You decide. [Via Warner Bros.]

Comic book continuity is more tangled than Wonder Woman’s lasso these days and unfortunately, not even the Amazonian Princess is immune to the whims of comic book writers who seem to retcon the material every other week.

Originally, Wonder Woman was moulded out of clay by her mother Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, but more recent versions of the character have reimagined Diana as the biological daughter of Zeus.

When Steve Trevor asks Wonder Woman about her parentage, the Amazonian Princess answers rather cryptically:

“I have no father. I was brought to life by Zeus.”

Whether this means that Zeus helped bring Wonder Woman’s clay form to life or physically fathered her remains unclear, but what we do know is that Warner Bros. won’t shy away from Diana’s deep mythological roots, which rightfully remain an integral part of her character.

Wonder Woman’s Abilities Are Limited

Wonder Woman kicks ass, there’s no doubt about it, but it seems that Warner Bros. have made a conscious effort to scale down her god-like powers, removing her ability to fly and reducing her durability in combat. Sure, Diana can still give Doomsday a run for his money, but bullets clearly affect Wonder Woman in this trailer, which is why her shield is so pivotal in the promo’s exhilarating fight scenes.

Fashion and war go hand in hand. [Via Warner Bros.]
Fashion and war go hand in hand. [Via Warner Bros.]

It’s also worth noting that the sword and shield that Diana uses in the battle scenes here feature a different design to the ones seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Either Wonder Woman decided to upgrade her armoury in the hundred year span that separates these two films, or she’s just extremely clumsy and lost them somewhere in the trenches.

The lasso of truth also appears in the trailer, and while we haven’t seen yet whether this version can magically reveal the truth that lies in mens hearts, we’re almost one hundred percent sure that Warner Bros. will avoid the way that .

When Is The Film Set?

My money's on the Amazon. [Via Warner Bros.]
My money’s on the Amazon. [Via Warner Bros.]

We’ve already known for quite some time that Wonder Woman’s first solo venture would be set during WWI, but from what we’ve seen of the costumes, it’s now clear that the events of the film occur during the second half of the war, as that’s when the German military replaced their spiked helmets with the steel domed ones that can be spotted in the trailer.

Wonder Woman first appeared in 1941, so her comic book origins are usually associated with WWII rather than the First World War, but it’s likely that Warner Bros. were keen to avoid comparisons with Captain America’s first solo movie, which is why they shifted the time period.

Captain Themyscira [Via Warner Bros.]

A consequence of this is that both Steve Trevor and Etta Candy have now appeared even earlier on in the timeline than usual, which means that it will be impossible to include either one of them in the modern day movies- unless of course magic or time travel somehow come into play. Considering this movie is about an Amazonian Princess fighting German soldiers in a leather mini-skirt, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch in all honesty.

How Do Steve Trevor And The Armies Of Man Arrive On Themyscira?

Any one of us would faint at the sight of her [Via Warner Bros.]
Any one of us would faint at the sight of her [Via Warner Bros.]

Steve Trevor’s arrival on the Amazonian island of Themyscira is a pivotal aspect of Wonder Woman’s history, one which has been faithfully included in the opening of the trailer, but the question remains; How did a WWI pilot arrive on the island in the first place?

If you look closely at Chris Pine’s uniform and the aircraft he pilots, both are clearly German in origin, suggesting that the typically American soldier infiltrates the enemy’s military in order to perform some kind of sabotage.

Like fish in a barrel. [Via Warner Bros.]
Like fish in a barrel. [Via Warner Bros.]

Steve’s not the only man who visits Wonder Woman’s home though, as later shots depict entire armies battling the Amazons on Themyscira’s beach. While it’s possible that the army flew or even crashed onto the island like Steve, we imagine that there are far more sinister forces at play.

Ares Will Be The Big Bad

For months now, rumours of Ares involvement have circulated around the Wonder Woman movie and while the trailer doesn’t explicitly reveal who the film’s villain will be, it seems almost certain that Danny Huston’s character is in fact the God of War.

No, not the video game one. [Via Warner Bros.]
No, not the video game one. [Via Warner Bros.]

Not only is , but the entire WWI setting is the perfect place to introduce Ares and his plans to manipulate humanity into kickstarting eternal warfare.

In the party scene of the trailer, Wonder Woman approaches Huston’s character with her blade in hand, promising fans an epic fight for the ages. However, the introduction of a mysterious new character in the same scene suggests that perhaps the God of War won’t be taking on Diana alone.

So you’re telling me that no one saw that giant blade? [Via Warner Bros.]

Who Is The Mysterious New Character In The Party Scene?

Phantom of the Opera was huge in WWI [Via Warner Bros.]
Phantom of the Opera was huge in WWI [Via Warner Bros.]

Despite being an actual god of immense power, Ares tends to scheme in the background, pulling strings while ordering his minions to carry out his dirty work for him. With this in mind, it’s likely that Elena Anaya’s undisclosed role is linked with Ares in some way, particularly as she appears in the same party scene where Diana takes on the God of War.

The only clue we have to go on right now is the woman’s facial prosthesis, which has been used to fix permanent damage to her jaw. In the comics, Wonder Woman has often battled a mythological villainess known as Morgain Le Fey who wears something similar over her entire face, but the character’s Arthurian background would be difficult to incorporate here, unless the writers reimagine her origins entirely.

And we all know how lazy writers are. [Via Warner Bros.]

And we all know how lazy writers are. [Via Warner Bros.]

A more likely candidate for this mystery role would be Circe, whose involvement in the Wonder Woman film has been discussed almost as much as Ares. The Ancient Greek sorceress has clashed with Diana time and time again in the comics and her magical abilities would provide a fascinating counter point to Diana’s form of combat and the weaponry of the mortal army.

Are those tentacles!? [Via Warner Bros.]

Are those tentacles!? [Via Warner Bros.]

However, there’s also a distinct possibility that Anaya’s character could simply serve to show the consequences of war or may even turn out to be another ally for Diana to fight alongside. Whatever the outcome, Anaya’s enigmatic role is one to keep an eye on.

While we wait impatiently for Wonder Woman to hit theatres on June 4, 2017, check out this clip from Diana’s full length animated feature, which did a surprisingly good job of capturing Wonder Woman’s essence from the comics and also read more about easter eggs from the Justice League trailer .

Who do you think will be the main villain to take on Diana? Did you spot any Wonder Woman easter eggs we missed? And where the hell was that invisible plane?

“Where I’m from, that’s called slavery.” [Via Warner Bros]



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