See Both ‘Ghostbusters’ Casts Together For The First Time

Today is Ghostbusters Day — the 32nd anniversary of the original film’s release in theaters — and to celebrate, the casts of the original films and Paul Feig’s reboot are .

While we’ll have to wait until this evening to see all of those funny people in action, Melissa McCarthy out a sneak peek earlier today:

From back row to front, left to right: Bill Murray (Peter Venkman), Leslie Jones (Patty Tolan), Dan Aykroyd (Ray Stantz), Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore), Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz), Kate McKinnon (Jillian Holtzmann), Melissa McCarthy (Abby Yates), and Kristen Wiig (Erin Gilbert).

The former cast members will have cameo appearances in the new film, though only to date.

Make sure to tune in to Kimmel tonight and catch Ghostbusters in theaters on July 15.

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