Selena Gomez Just Confirmed Justin Bieber Cheated On Her In The Most Public Way

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s Instagram relationship has previously mainly consisted of and a wall of civilized silence, but not anymore.

After snaps of Justin’s rumored new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, led to an influx of negativity — and the now-inevitable snake emojis — from Bieber’s so-called fans, the singer himself took to Instagram to defend himself.

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After threatening to make his account private in protest to the reptilian rampage he and Sofia were facing from commenters, things seemed to go pretty quiet for a while until Selena allegedly surfaced.

Gomez used her first rumored comment on her former love’s Instagram page to slam him for flashing his new relationship around instead of keeping his new flame private and safe from the well-documented wrath of the Beliebers.

Selena Gomez slams Bieber for parading his new girl around

Selena Gomez slams Bieber for parading his new girl around

Of course, Bieber has never been one to take an insult lying down and he responded by implying that their entire relationship was just a case of Selena using him for attention. Ouch.

For a while, tumbleweeds were blowing across the horizon as the eye of the drams appeared to have passed, but then Selena resurfaced to really plunge the knife in with confirmation Bieber had cheated on her. Even worse, it wasn’t just an isolated incident.

Selena Gomez accuses Justin Bieber of cheating on her

Selena Gomez accuses Justin Bieber of cheating on her


As if totally dragging Bieber wasn’t enough, Selena also made a pass agg “my fans are better than your fans” comment by pasting up the following Instagram post singing her devotees praises, just as Justin was forced to tell his rabble off.

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The 24-year-old singer had clearly learned something from the fury-fueled typing fingers of #teamBelieber because she wisely turned to comments off to allow her post to remain unsullied.

Although the comments could obviously have been photoshopped by some overzealous fan, the amount of screenshots available from various sources seem to suggest that Selena probably did just reach the end of her rope with her ex.

But, how did the internet react to all this? It seems like #TeamSelena is the undisputed winner looking at some of the savage responses dished up over the row on social media.

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While the Twitter hashtag children this feud has spawned are undoubtably hilarious, I hate to admit that I kind of feel sorry for the Biebs here. I mean, it’s not his fault that his fans are batshit with jealously over some random girl, is it?

Whose side are you on? #Justin or #Selena? Pledge your allegiance below.


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