Sensitive Parts (2016)

Trailer for Sensitive Parts, starring Carolyn Yonge and Jennifer Kobelt.

A heartfelt and empathetic dramatic comedy about a young woman who confronts her social anxiety and interpersonal fears before they consume her and the people she loves, with a little help along the way from the imaginary manifestation of an iconic popstar.

After a series of upsetting romantic setbacks, Dolore is beginning to embrace a positive relationship with her new boyfriend, Riun (with a generous dose of trepidation). But, when Dolore introduces Riun to her best friend, Sinead, and discovers that they have a less-than-platonic personal history, Dolore’s insecurity and interpersonal fears get kicked into hyperdrive and threaten to destroy both relationships.

With a little help from Riun and Sinead, who won’t let her go without a fight, and the manifestation of a pop star alter ego named Fierce, Dolore struggles to combat her paranoia and anxiety before they consume her and the people she loves.Trailer Addict has setup TA, Trailers Anonymous. Feel free to contact us at please enable javascript to view with your scoops, comments or advertising inquiries.