Shadowhunters Season 2 – Everything we hope to see and more!

We’ve got a while before season 2 of Freeform’s Shadowhunters hits our screens (and Netflix!), so until then we have only Season 1 to binge watch endlessly. Whilst a fantastic season, I can’t help but look on impatiently to Season 2, excited for what’s to come. The show did a damn good job of adapting not only the first book, but incorporating storylines from later books. (see: Vampire Simon, and Ragnor Fell)

In anticipation of the second season, here are a few things I’d like to see when it hits our screens!

Villainous Villain Valentine


This seems somewhat self explanatory given that Valentine is the primary antagonist, hell bent on creating his own Shadowhunter army. However, I would like to delve far deeper than we have so far, not only into Valentine’s back story, but his plans, and his current uprising. The Season 1 finale, showed him mad with power, Jace by his side, as his plan began to properly unfold, his loyal servants all but bowing in front of him.

*gulp* this is veryyyy bad

Now of course we don’t know whether Season 2 will pick up immediately where we left of, or whether some time will have passed, but it’ll be interesting to see what Valentine’s doing, now that he has Jace by his side, and essentially everything he’s always wanted. I’m also a HUGE fan of Alan Van Sprang and what he’s brought to the role, he makes for a brilliant villain, so I for one am super excited to see where he takes Valentine next!

Snarky Jace Wayland

HEY! I am in shock! Okay!?

Following on from my expectations for Valentine, we fall onto our golden-haired Shadowhunter, Jace. Admittedly, though I adore Dom Sherwood (*cough Christian Ozera cough*), and what he’s done with the character, myself and many others have to admit that some of that signature Jace snark from the books, appears to be lost on screen. The excessive sarcasm and humour that wee little Jace uses to cover up any real emotion, seems to have been lost in translation for the most part on the show. He’s had a few one liners here and there, but Jace being Jace, he’s more than a “few” one liners. So, here’s hoping Season 2 brings us some snarky Jace, with a side of hair flicking nonsense, because secretly we’re all trash, and that’s all were here for.

Hey, there. Totally not sorry to have bothered you.

On a slightly more serious note, we left Jace in a not-so-good head-space at the end of Season 1. Though he went off willingly with Valentine, believing him to be his father, and believing his place to truly be at Valentine’s side, something deep inside him still seemed as though he had his doubts. An emotionally driven situation such as this, actually provides the writers the ideal opportunity to show off some of Jace’s snark. This isn’t a situation where Jace is going to want to wear his heart on his sleeve. He’s going to want to hide his doubts from Valentine, and hide his guilt and shame from Clary, Alec and Izzy. Though the more emotional side of Jace was lovely to see, here’s hoping that snarky Jace makes his way to our screens for Season 2.

Shadowhunter Training / Girl Power

Go get ’em Clary!

This next point pertains to girl-crush (Emeraude Toubia) and all round babe, Isabelle Lightwood (aka Emeraude Toubia), and newbie Shadowunter Clary Fray (aka the badass red-headed beauty Kat McNamara). The first season saw Clary throw herself head first into this entirely new world, battling all manner of demons and threats in an effort to get her mother back. She did that, and whilst we’re super proud of her, the fight isn’t quite over just yet. She may learn quickly, but the same training that Alec, Izzy and Jace have had their entire lives growing up Shadowhunters, Clary hasn’t. And she’s going to need it, if they’re going to go after Valentine.

In the books there’s a sort of bitchy rivalry between Izzy and Clary, as they both see one another as a threat of sorts.

Shadowhunter girl power!

What I like about the show, is that rather than pit their two lead females against one another, they actually allowed them to bond, and develop a friendship. Something which if you think about it, seems more natural than an unnecessary rivalry. Izzy being the badass Shadowhunter that she is, and an absolute beast with a whip when need be, could be the perfect mentor for Clary. She could easily train with her, and help her reach her full Shadowhunter potential. Clary already has the drive and determination, all she needs now are the physical skills. Of course, now that Mama Fray is awake and well, and away from Valentine’s clutches, she is also technically free to show Clary a few moves. Here’s hoping that between the women on the show, they can help Clary into tip-top Shadowhunter shape, and give her the skills necessary to fulfil her true potential.

Jocelyn & Luke

One of my favourite aspects of the show, were the flashback scenes with little Jocelyn, Luke & Valentine. They were extremely well done, and in regards to Jocelyn and Luke, it gave us a real insight into their existing relationship. Of course, book fans know all there is to know about these two, but for the people who are purely fans of the show, they need more.

We see ya’ll. Hayyyyyy šŸ˜‰

The hug between Jocelyn and Luke at the end of season 1 was not lost on us all, book fans and TV fans alike, and with Mama Fray awake and well, I’m hoping this battle of life and death can take a back seat for maybe two seconds, to give these two some time together. Something tells me they have a LOT to catch up on.

Miss Lydia Branwell – Come through Queen!

The Queen has arrived.

I’ll admit that like a significant portion of Shadowhunters fan, when Lydia first entered the show, I did not like her at all. Like, AT ALL. She waltzed in with the intent to screw up the biggest TMI ship in the history of ships, and I couldn’t stand it! She’d walk on screen, and without even a line, this would be my reaction.


Until the episode entitled “Malec” aired, and I realised something. Lydia’s prescence at The Institute, her rules, regulations and her entire being, were not and are not a threat to Alec. She didn’t stroll into The Institiute, disguised as Valentine, to “steal” Alec from Magnus, or break up a relationship. She came to do her job, and was damn well good at it. She never forced Alec into marriage, never tried to change him, never tried to make him do anything he didn’t want. She did her job, she followed the rules, and was penalised for it, because deep down in our hearts we were worried. A signiifant portion of us are Malec trash, and the idea that Lydia – a character NOT in the books, a character’s who’s motives and final destination we couldn’t predict, was now in charge of The Institute, and engaged to Alec, nearly killed us.

The fact remains that Lydia Branwell is one fierce and badass Shadowhunter, with a painful past, and a solemn looking future. She lost her first fiance, and as a result has built up a cold exterior, harsh edge, and somewhat brash nature. It’s easy to dislike a character like Lydia when you fail to see her motivations, and look past her engagement to Alec.

When Magnus crashed the wedding, barely a look of shock passed over Lydia’s face. She put her hand on Alec’s face, and told him to be happy. To have the same happiness with Magnus, that was ripped away from her and her own fiancee before Alec. Dressed in her finery, her entire wedding essentially a Pinterest Dream, she quietly stood back, at her own wedding, in front of an entire room of people, and allowed Alec to have his moment with Magnus. She made plans to go back to Idris, all the while quietly leaving everyone else to have their happy ever after, whilst she suffered. Again.

Lydia freaking Branwell, I salute you. You are a true badass, and a fierce Shadowhunter, and I hope to god Season 1 wasn’t the last we’ve seen of you. To amend Jace’s words, you will always have a place here.


Last but by no means least, our precious babies, a Warlock and a Shadowhunter, everyone’s favourites, the biggest ship to ever sail,

Awkward Alec + Malec

He is indeed quite magical.

Alec is one of the best developed characters from Season 1, starting off completely closeted and ending with a public declaration of his homosexuality by way of a jaw-droppingly beautiful and brave as hell kiss with Magnus Bane. I think it’s safe to say we’re all extremely proud of how far Alec has come, and with this public declaration, his story arc has opened up to a range of new and exciting possibilities. Dates with Magnus, and working to mend his Parabatai bond with Jace are a few of the things we can look forward to with Alec.

His adorable awkwardness and displeasure with distractions and foolishness on misions, are a few of the things I adore about his character, so here’s hoping that that classic Alec comes back for Season 2. Though he may now be out and proud, he’s still got quite a journey ahead of him. His parents didn’t seem entirely too pleased with his coming out, his mother Maryse, the more horrified of the two. Those of us who are book readers also know about the terribly homophobic nature of the Clave, so once that tidbit of info hits their ears, who knows what’s in store for Malec? For now though, let’s enjoy how adorably perfect they are. We waited 12 episodes for our beloved Malec, and when we finally got them, it was perfect!

Out and proud, with Magnus by his side, let’s hope Alec continutes to go from strength to stength for season 2!


  • Raphael

Love Raphael and Simon’s entire relationship, hoping to see more of both!

  • Parabatai Bond Mending

They’re half-way on the mend, let’s hope that continues on the rise once they get Jace back!

  • Meliorn + Izzy

Season 2 is set to hit our screens sometime in early 2017, with all of the cast likely returning. It’s not yet clear whether characters like Hodge, Lydia, Camille and Meliorn will return, so for now, all that’s left to do is re-watch Season 1!

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