Shadowhunters Vs TMI: City of Bones – VOTE for your Fav!!

For fans of Cassandra Clare’s best-selling series “The Mortal Instruments”, Shadowhunters V TMI: City of Bones is probably a conversation you’ve had at least once this year already. With the re-casting and reboot of the franchise via the television series, came the addition of an all new cast, all new production, and with it: all new criticisms. Some of you prefer the movie, you’ve grown attached to Collins and Jamie Campbell-Bower, and think no one and nothing can top the movie. Whilst others, prefer the TV Show, praising it for its use of wider themes featured in other TMI books, and of course the gem that was done so beautifully: Malec. So, we’re all split relatively down the middle with no clear which one is best. But fear no more (this is assuming you were fearing), here and now, we’re going to conduct the all-out battle TO THE DEATH-

I…um, ok so maybe not to the death, but a pretty fierce battle to the VICTORY OF ONLY ONE, to finally found out which is better: Shadowhunters, or TMI: City of Bones! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!Oh, oops. Wrong franchise. LET THE SHADOWHUNTING BEGIN!

ClaryKatherine McNamara V Lily Collins

Our two leading ladies, McNamara and Collins have taken on the role of Clary – newbie Shadowhunter for Televison and Film respectively. In 2013, Collins dyed her hair a deep and sultry red / burgundy to play the role of Clary, donning a leather jacket, killer heels and some biker-esque jeans; she graced us with the first ever big screen portrayal of the character. Though the movie received mixed reviews, fans seemed enamoured with the chemistry and relationship between Collins and co-star Jamie Campbell Bower both on and off screen, leading to an army of fangirls at the movie’s defense. You can’t deny, their chemistry made that film, and the sparks that flew between the two off-screen, led to a hell of a lot of #Clace on screen.



On the television spectrum, Kat suited up and returned her once-blonde hair to its natural fiery colour to bring Clary to the small screen. Starring opposite VA star Dominic Sherwood as Jace, McNamara gave us the closest look at Clary we’ve seen so far. 13 episodes later, and we’ve found ourselves in love with the television cast. If we’re being honest, it didn’t take that long did it? Her relationship with Simon is one of the best aspects of the show, due to her chemistry and friendship with Alberto Rosende – the actor responsible for bringing our bespectacled fav to the small screen. BFF’s till the very end, Television Clary and Simon have that little something extra that movie Clary and Simon didn’t.

JaceDominic Sherwood V Jamie Campbell Bower

Ahh, Jace. The blonde-haired sarcastic and sardonic beauty from the books. Such sarcasm. Much wow. The Mortal Instruments movie saw Twilight Alumni Jamie Campbell Bower, grow out his beautiful tresses, pack on the leather and Runes, and steal hearts everywhere as with his portrayal of Jace. Maybe it was the British accent, or his chemistry with Lily, it might even have been his bromance and Parabatai bond with co-star Kevin Zegers (Alec), but one thing’s for sure, we ALL loved JCB as Jace. When he was cast, not one complaint could be heard, and even after the disappointing box office of the movie, we still congregate in our thousands to muse over his perfection. I mean honestly, who wouldn’t?

Freeform’s Television Show gave us a roller-coaster of feels when Dom Sherwood – the actor responsible for so beautifully playing Christian Ozera in the Vampire Academy film – was cast as Jace. We noted the similarity between the characters, and how easy it should and would be for Sherwood to take on the role, but despite this, a few fans still had their reservations. With the deep and mysterious dark hair he became known for from Vampire Academy, a few fans found it hard to see him as the golden-haired Shadowhunter: Jace. Initially, his performance on the show received mixed reactions from fans. Yes, he was good, but was he Jace? Something about the performance felt off to some fans, until we delved further and further into the series, and began to recognise traits from Jace within Sherwood’s performance, that completely changed our minds. It might also have had something to do with this scenes like this. Just gonna…leave…this…here…

Oh hey didn't see you there.

Oh hey didn’t see you there.

IsabelleEmeraude Toubia V Jemima West

Our dearest Izzy Lightwood. A character we all know and love, the gorgeous and lethal Shadowhunter has been played by both Emeraude Toubia and Jemima West. In the movie, we saw a significantly toned down version of the Isabelle we know. The provocative outfits she so loves to wear, were a little more PC than we’d envisioned, but her fighting skills were nothing to joke about. She seemed more of a warrior first, and the Isabelle we know later. Unfortunate considering what a brilliant character Izzy is.



I’m going to go ahead and admit the all-consuming girl crush I have on Emeraude before I continue. I am extremely biased you guys. So.damn.much. Television Izzy is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a fierce and beautiful warrior with all the provocative outfits and fighting skills you could ever hope for. Her relationship with Meliorn is yet another reason to love her; despite what we know about him who doesn’t ship TV Izzy and Meliorn!? She’s probably the biggest Malec shipper known to man, and has a bond so special with big brother Alec, it makes us weak.

She can more than handle herself and if we’re being honest, is the Izzy we’ve all wanted to see hit our screens. All hail Isabelle Lightwood. The badass Queen of the Television Series.

AlecMatthew Daddario V Kevin Zegers

Aw, Alec, sweet Alec. He’s had a pretty good run on both the television show and in the movie, played by Matthew Daddario and Kevin Zegers, respectively. Movie Alec was adorable. A fierce fighter, with just enough thinly-veiled hatred for Clary and Jace’s burgeoning relationship, that he seemed like the Alec from the books. The brother-sister bond between him and Izzy wasn’t there quite as much as we’d like, nor there was there nearly enough Malec prep, but Zeger’s did a brilliant enough job with the character, that book reader’s got it. He was arguably one of the best things about the movie, and the character most accurately brought life.

Yes, you. The one with the blue eyes.

Yes, you. The one with the blue eyes.

Daddario kitted up, bow and arrow to hand to bring Alec to life on the small screen. The best aspect of the television series, hands down, TV Alec is a swoon-worthy mass of perfection that we can’t help but love. His relationships with every character, are far superior to any we’ve seen of these characters on screen before, and his reaction to Magnus leaves us dying of feels, time and time again.
His adorable awkwardness towards Harry Shum Jr’s Magnus, complete and utter boredom with Clary and once-mundie Simon, and strong, yet tumultuous Parabatai bond with Sherwood’s Jace, is what makes TV Alec the most developed and superior Mortal Instruments character on either the big or the small screen. A round of applause if you will, for TV Alec.

Such Magic. Much Wow.

Such Magic. Much Wow.

MagnusHarry Shum Jr V Godfrey Gao

Who can resist the mesmerising charms of the High Warlock of Brooklyn?No one, the answer is no one. Now this one’s a little harder than the rest, given the brilliance of both Television Magnus and Movie Magnus. Both Harry and Godfrey possess the unrealistic perfection of Magnus’ looks and personality. Where Movie Magnus mesmerised us with his handsome good looks, cat-like eyes, lack of pants and truck-load of glitter…

Television Magnus stole our hearts with the highlights in his hair, his fabulous array of jewellery, killer fashion-sense and his unashamed pining for Alec.

Yes, yes he would.

Yes, yes he would.

It’s really neck and neck for these two, as both were amazing portrayals of Magnus, and really can’t be faulted. Of course, given the extended length of time that television grants us, we got to see a boat-load more Malec than the movie ever even thought of showing us, and for that reason, I know exactly where my vote’s going.



SimonAlberto Rosende V Robert Sheehan

Simon Lewis is the bespectacled BFF of newbie-Shadowhunter Clary Fray. He’s in a band, he’s kind of nerdy, aaaand he’s in love with Clary. He’s a loyal little cutie who, in the 2013 movie, was played by Misfits Alumni Robert Sheehan. His portrayal of Simon was met with positive reviews, and like the Magnus’ of both the show and movie, his performance can’t be faulted. His confession of love to Clary in the movie, was one of the most heartbreaking moments and for this, Sheehan’s Simon gets a massive thumbs up and a round of applause.

Nah, we're in love with you mate.

Nah, we’re in love with you mate.

Rosende’s Simon however is the cutest and most adorable of all Simon’s. Geeky, filled to bursting with trivia knowledge, and a once-mundie, TV Simon is even better than we could ever have hoped for. His friendship with Clary has been built up over the season, so although us book readers know he’s in love with Clary, television viewers got to watch it grow as his life inexplicably became intertwined with hers, and by extension, the Shadow World. He’s an adorable little cupcake and in my opinion, the best Simon yet.

LukeIsaiah Mustufa V Aidan Turner

Luke Garroway, resident werewolf and close, personal friend to the Fray’s, has had two very different portrayals on screen. Aidan Turner played him in the 2013 movie, and although the character wasn’t terrible, we didn’t really get to see as much of him as we’d hoped. Whilst he looked the part, the movie failed to develop his character, and we were left with a highly one-dimensional portrayal of the character. The make-up was also…questionable.

Those teeth...Gah!

Those teeth…Gah!

TV Luke is played by Isaiah Mustafa – a man known for the Old Spice commercials. Whilst his initial casting brought mixed to negative reviews from fans due to his race (seriously, guys?); as the show began and we saw him in character, people began to warm to the idea of him as Luke. Though slightly different from book Luke, and grossly different to Movie Luke, Mustafa does a good job bringing the relationship between Luke and the Fray’s to life. Something which wasn’t so well executed with the movie.

Werewolf suit up!

Werewolf suit up!

HodgeJon Cor V Jared Harris

Like Luke, Hodge’s screen run has been pretty different to his book counterpart. Movie Hodge was an older fellow, and pretty underdeveloped. Changes from the books in how things transpired, meant that most people weren’t too happy with his portrayal. Television Hodge is also different from the books, but casting a younger, and all together more attractive actor for the part, seems to have done the trick. We’ve seen Hodge’s character develop over the series, all leading up to his big moment in the episode entitled “Malec”, when he finally steals the Mortal Cup. (Poor Lydia!)

Well, hello there

Well, hello there

JocelynMaxim Roy V Lena Headey Jocelyn Fairchild, Clary’s mother, was played in the movie by Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey. Although an undeniably brilliant actress, her portrayal of Jocelyn was a little lacklustre. A bad script meant that Jocelyn wasn’t as brilliant a character as she could’ve been, though she certainly looked the part.

SLAY Mama Fairchild.

SLAY Mama Fairchild.

Television Jocelyn is played by Canadian actress Maxim Roy. Though she spent the majority of the season under a powerful spell and trapped by Valentine, her initial scenes with Clary were more heartfelt than those in the movie. We empathised much more with Clary’s need to find her mum here, and the massive hug shared between the two in the season finale when they finally wake her up, makes it all worth it.

We do also have to give a shoutout to the actress who played a young Jocelyn – how awesome were those flashback scenes?!And last but by no means least, the one and only, ValentineAlan Van Sprang V Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Valentine is the crazed villain hell-bent on creating his own Shadowhunter army. He’s come to our screens in two very different forms, and if we’re being totally honest here, we mean a good form and a bad form. Movie Valentine was an absolute shambles of a character. Played by the incredibly talented Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Valentine wore long plaits in the back of his head, a ton of leather and no discernible personality traits from the books. He was erratic and un-organised, and was quite honestly, the most terrible thing about the movie. I have yet to meet a TMI fan that liked his performance, his only redeeming quality being the actor behind him.

Please cut those braids off. Please.

Please cut those braids off. Please.

TV Valentine however, played by the mad King Henry-…uh I mean Alan Van Sprang, was light-years ahead of Meyer’s version. Cunning, manipulative and more then organised, this Valentine didn’t have his signature hair from the books, but didn’t need too. Van Sprang along with the writers did a brilliant job at bringing him to life for the small screen, especially the episode where he broke Jace emotionally disguising himself as Jace’s dad. (we know, we know)

Be sure to cast your vote Shadowhunters fans and share this around! In a week, we’ll come back with the results and crown our winner! For now though, be sure to follow the Shadowhunter FB Page if you aren’t already for all the latest info on the series. Fangirl with me on Twitter & Tumblr!