Shazam Could Have Been Right Under Our Noses This Whole Time!

San Diego Comic-Con has passed and DC Comics and Warner Bros. have given us some amazing things to get us salivating for 2017’s Wonder Woman and Justice League. While I thought this was one of the best years for Comic-Con, I did find myself slightly disappointed that there was nothing announced or even talked about the Shazam movie, but the trailers and reveals we got definitely more than made up for it.

Last year we got the announcement that Dwayne Johnson would be playing in the movie as Shazam’s nemesis Black Adam, which made most cheer with excitement but got many wondering who would play Billy Batson’s adult form — from Channing Tatum to John Cena, there have been plenty of fan theories and castings. Recently I’ve been starting to believe more and more that the character of Shazam has already been cast and the studio and actor have done a great job to put it right under our noses so that we can’t figure it out.

Think about it for bit, we’ve had no hints or talks of searches for an actor for the character of Shazam, plus the first character they announced was Black Adam (of all characters).

I firmly believe that Dwayne Johnson will have a double role as both hero and villain. In the comics, . Perhaps in this movie both Black Adam and Shazam end up very similar, with slight differences in their appearances.

If this ends up being the case, I’d honestly love it. We all know that Johnson can be great at playing charismatic heroes as shown in Hercules, the Fast & Furious movies, and Walking Tall and he recently pulled off playing a child in a grown man’s body with his character Bob Stone in Central Intelligence. This just shows that Johnson could perfectly pull off the character of Shazam without breaking a sweat.

Of course we are all interested in seeing Johnson with Black Adam. While it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been a villain (Doom, the Mummy Returns, and even his first appearance in the Fast & Furious franchise), we’ve never seen him take on something as iconic as Black Adam before, which is why I think him playing a double role will show just how talented the man is as an actor. He can win our hearts and get us to cheer him on as Shazam while at the same time get us to hate and fear him as Black Adam.

So what are your thoughts on this possibility? Personally, I think it is perfect casting on both sides and I hope my theory is true. Would you want to see the Rock himself play both hero and villain in the same movie or would you rather they cast Shazam with a different actor? Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments and I hope you enjoyed my little article!

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