She’ll Be Back: What Jesse Quick’s Return Could Mean for ‘The Flash’ Season 3

So the Season 2 finale of The Flash may indeed have been one of the greatest episodes the series has offered to date, however . One of those being: would we ever see Earth-2 Harrison Wells (Harry) and his daughter Jesse Quick ever again now that they have returned home to Earth-2?

Well, it was recently . Furthermore, in an interview with TVLine, Violett Beane confirmed that she would also be returning as Jesse Quick in Season 3 of The Flash. In said interview, she stated, “I know I’ll be back…But I don’t know if it’s with or without powers.” First off, I just want to say that I am very excited to hear about her return – Beane played the role brilliantly and really helped add a new dynamic for the show’s second season. Her return as Jesse Quick should make comic-book fans excited as many were worried that we wouldn’t get to see the rest of her arc play out when she went back to Earth-2. But in that same episode, a lot changed on The Flash. So let’s take a look some potential angles her return could mean for the show.

Earth-2 Jesse Could Return

Trapped: Jesse when she was Zoom's prisoner (via The CW)
Trapped: Jesse when she was Zoom’s prisoner (via The CW)

The Earth-2 Jesse was a popular character – fans always love when The Flash manages to sneak in some of our favorite comic book characters into the storyline in unexpected ways. Jesse Quick turned out to be the daughter of Earth-2 Harrison Wells. The entire Zoom angle was resting on rescuing her and it paid off beautifully. But fans were sad to see her and her father return home to Earth-2 as we never got to see the fulfillment of her arc (more on that later).

Harry and Jesse (via The CW)

Now that we know Violett Beane will be returning, will this basically be a return to form for the actress and a chance for us to see Earth-2 Jesse return to the series? We can certainly hope.

Earth-1 Jesse Could Debut

Violett Beane as Earth-2 Jesse (via The CW)

Violett Beane as Earth-2 Jesse (via The CW)

Nobody knows who Jesse Quick’s Earth-1 doppelgänger is (or if she even exists). One possible theory is that Earth-1 Wells (who was killed by Reverse-Flash) would have gone on to father Jesse, just like his Earth-2 doppelgänger. But as Reverse-Flash killed him, Jesse would have never been born.

However, now that Barry has altered the timeline by apprehending the Reverse-Flash and saving his mother, one possible theory suggests that Earth-1 Wells would now remain alive and eventually have a daughter – Jesse. Could this come to fruition? Or could Jesse’s Earth-1 doppelgänger not even be related to Harrison Wells. Time will tell!

Flashpoint Jesse Quick

Flashpoint: Barry alters the timeline (via The CW)

Flashpoint: Barry alters the timeline (via The CW)

We now have . Thus, if the series follows the comic book lore – Barry didn’t just alter the timeline, he will have quite possibly destroyed the timeline and created a new pre-apocalyptic one. With Season 3 possibly going to feature alternate/Flashpoint versions of our beloved characters, could we see a potentially bitter Flashpoint Jesse Quick?

But despite all these potential theories, there is one that many fans want to see:

Super-Powered Jesse Quick

The Flash's Jesse Quick and her comic book counterpart (via The CW and DC)

The Flash’s Jesse Quick and her comic book counterpart (via The CW and DC)

The moment that Jesse Quick was introduced into the The Flash, the comic book fans knew what they were going to see: Jesse channel her comic book counterpart and become the next speedster on the show. But as she was written out, this did not happen.

However, now that we know that the character will be be back in some form, could any of these potential theorised iterations of Jesse Quick be super-powered? The most likely option is the Earth-2 Jesse’s return as she (and Wally West) were hit by a wave of dark matter during the recreated particle accelerator eruption. Speedster Jesse would be the next likely step. But no matter which version of Jesse turns up on Season 3 of The Flash we would love to see her speeding through Central City.

Proud father: Earth-2 Wells (via The CW)

Make it happen CW, we want Jesse Quick to finally take up her comic book mantle and become The Flash‘s newest speedster!

Are you excited to hear of Jesse Quick’s impending return to The Flash? Do you think Earth-2 Jesse will return or would you like to see a new version? Let us know in the comments!

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