She’s Seen Many Planets, But We Haven’t: ‘Supergirl’ Needs To Blast Off Into Space In Season 2

A key element of Kara’s story in Supergirl is that she’s a stranger in a strange land. One of the few survivors of Krypton, Kara is first and foremost an alien, and a superhero second. Season 1 went a long way to dealing with Kara’s feelings of isolation and her grief about losing her home planet. But after , we’re left wondering what story is left for Supergirl to follow in Season 2.

There are a few key plot threads to pick up — most notably the mystery of Kara’s adopted father, and dealing with — but there’s one thing we’d like to see happen in Season 2, and that’s Kara blasting off into space.

Setting aside the fact that Kara couldn’t seem to survive in space in the finale, let’s just assume that comic rules apply and Kryptonians can, in fact, fly through outer space with ease. Bearing that in mind, this opens up lots of awesome possibilities for Season 2.

Exploring Other Worlds

Supergirl’s strength is definitely in the characterization of Kara herself, and some of her cutest moments are when she’s talking about her experiences as an alien.

“Which… I am also from.”

Whether it’s deftly (or not so deftly) dodging questions about her biological family, or boasting about the beautiful worlds she’s been to, it’s clear that Kara’s origins lie among the stars. So why not incorporate this more into Season 2? Kara’s spent plenty of time defending the Earth from alien threats, but it would be cool to see this element of the show extend beyond Earth. And there’s a great way to do that.

Season 1 saw Kara team up with the DEO to protect humanity against alien escapees from Fort Rozz. Which was all well and good for an alien-of-the-week plot structure, but now it’s time to go beyond that.

Kara searches for Krypton in the New 52 series.

Kara searches for Krypton in the New 52 series.

The DEO has had access to alien technology for quite some time now, and it seems highly unlikely that they’ve been just letting all that fancy tech gather dust. Although Kara took care of most of the Fort Rozz aliens, the impact of Myriad in the season finale will have brought the threat of extraterrestrials to the world’s attention.

Defending The Earth

The next logical step for the DEO (and other defensive forces) would be to start building spaceships and anti-alien weapons. Which could be a really interesting thing for Kara to deal with in Season 2, as she helps the DEO extend their reach into space, while questioning their motives.

Kara and Alex apprehend Astra.

Kara and Alex apprehend Astra.

Of course there are other ways for Kara to explore space a bit more. Now that she’s flown in space once, it makes sense that she would try again, this time honing her abilities so that it’s not so much of a risk to leave Earth. Some of Supergirl’s most interesting stories have featured her exploring the galaxy — the New 52 Supergirl series saw Kara track down the remains of Krypton, leading her to encounter the fearsome Worldkillers.

The Worldkillers would make an excellent antagonist for Season 2, actually. Engineered to destroy armies, raze cities, and obliterate planets, the Worldkillers are a race created by the Kryptonians themselves.

Kara encounters a Worldkiller in the New 52.

Kara encounters a Worldkiller in the New 52.

There’s a lot that Kara still doesn’t know about her people, and learning about their genetic experiments with the Worldkillers could throw her into turmoil, making for an interesting emotional thread. Hey, maybe it’s a Worldkiller in the pod!

Interconnected Multiverse

But potential villains aside, there’s one more thing which Kara traveling in space could lead to — a crossover with Legends of Tomorrow. We’ve already seen one (awesome) , and with Supergirl moving to the CW it’s time for this show to .

Crossovers open up a multiverse of possibilities.
Crossovers open up a multiverse of possibilities.

Legends and Supergirl are two very different shows, but space could provide them with a convergence point, and as the rules of physics tend to fly out the window as soon as you get into deep space, it’s possible that Kara could find portals to other Earths. This would be a neat way to introduce her to the multiverse more fully, and the perfect opportunity to stage a crossover between the two shows.

In any case, Kara traveling into space just feels natural at this point. A huge part of her story, both within the show and the comics, has to do with her origins as an alien. Kara clearly loved exploring other worlds as a child, and it would be fantastic for her new friends (not to mention us as viewers) to get a glimpse of these planets too. Here’s hoping this is something we get to see in Season 2!

Do you think Kara should go to space?