Shiver Me Timbers! 10 Times Captain Hook Was Sexy as Hell.

Shiver Me Timbers! 10 Times Captain Hook Was Sexy as Hell. by Bonnie Mager , May 25th, 2016 at 3:01am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterI’ve always had a thing for pirates – hey what girl hasn’t? However, Captain Hook is the pirate of every girls dreams. Wet wet dreams. Played by Irish heart throb Colin O’Donoghue, Captain Hook aka Killian Jones is the bad boy pirate from Once Upon a Time . Along with his devastating good looks he has a cheeky smile, amazing outfits and sultry eye-liner, swoon. On top of all that, Hook is a bad boy with a sense of humour. His top 10 sexiest moments below which have left ladies worldwide hot under the collar.10. When he defended being a PirateBeing a pirate is actually a very good thing if you ask me. Now come over here and have a rummage through my treasure chest.9. When he got into an innuendo-filled sword fight with EmmaOn my back, from behind, on top, I’ll do those ‘enjoyable activities’ any way you want.Don’t worry, I have many sword sized holes to accommodate your jabbing.8. When he was handcuffed and interrogatedTrust me, when I tie you up in bed it will be in the very best of ways.7. When Emma was The Dark OneThere is nothing sexier than a man who fights for the love of a woman! Now come fight for me please, I will pretend to resist.6. When he was talking about Emma to her DadThis sentence melted girl’s hearts everywhere. That’s true love right there and it’s adorable.5. When he tries to win Emma’s heartThe sheer determination of this man is amazing. Every girl wants to be pursued like this! This scene made my heart hurt!4. When he compliments EmmaHow sexy is a man who absolutely adores his girl? Every part of her. That’s commitment, I love myself a lot but even I have parts of me that even I am not a fan of.3. When he describes himselfDevilishly handsome doesn’t come close to how incredibly sexy this man is.Good looking and mischievous. Dream combination.2. When he went on a date with EmmaEven when he is scrubbed up, out of his pirate attire, and with two hands he is still the sexiest man I have ever laid my eyes on. And without his hook hand I don’t have to worry about the possible scrapes and gashes I would get when I ravage him.1. And finally, when he did this sexy thing with his tongue….What is this? I don’t even know. I found it while stumbling down a Tumblr rabbit hole and I can’t stop watching it! Oh the places that tongue could go.