Trailer for Sleepless.

A cop with a connection to the criminal underworld scours a nightclub in search of his kidnapped son. Sleepless is based on the 2011 French film (Nuit Blanche). A cop races through a packed nightclub, dodging drug dealers, and corrupt cops in a mad chase to rescue his kidnapped son.

Sleepless Trailer Screen Shot
The Director for Sleepless, Baran bo Odar, has also directed , The Silence and Unter der Sonne.

Also, the Writer for Sleepless, Andrea Berloff, has written the screenplay for The Legend of Conan , Blood Father, and World Trade Center.
Here we go again, another kidnapping movie…a la , Taken, Kidnap, etc. This all too familiar story line is too apparent here and something we have seen before. Bad guy kidnaps child and parent goes on a rampage trying to rescue his/her child.

One thing that definitely looks different here is there is more action and with the film being set in Las Vegas there is a different vibe.

When I think of Jamie Foxx, I do not think action star. I think more of a dramatic actor and a great entertainer. It is tough to tell if he pulls it off in Sleepless. I am on the fence with this film, the all too familiar plot and so so action have me wanting to skip it.
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