Feature Trailer for Spaceman.

The true story of former Major League Baseball pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee following his release from the Montreal Expos.The book  “Have Glove, Will Travel” was the inspiration for the film. Director Brett Rapkin saw the book at a map store in Seattle and thought that if the story of an athlete’s bizarre
career had that sort of crossover appeal as a travel book, maybe there
was a movie there too.

Bill Lee became the oldest player to win a
professional game last year at age 63, breaking Satchel Paige’s
all-time record.

Spaceman‘s Executive Producer is Ron Shelton, who is also the writer/director of Bull Durham, and Tin Cup.

Director Brett Rapkin already directed a short documentary based on Bill Lee back in 2006, Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey.
I must say that I was unaware of the Bill “Spaceman” Lee story and based on this trailer it sure has caught my attention. He sure was a truly unique character who lived to the beat of his own drum…not your typical professional baseball player.

Spaceman has a couple things going for itself right off the back…I think there is a captivating story line here and by casting , the film will get more attention than if they used a no name actor. Which puts a lot of pressure on Duhamel to basically carry the film. Spaceman still has a indie feel to it and may not appeal to a wide audience, but I will check it out when it his VOD.
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