Star Wars Episode 8: Working Titled leaked

The first big bit of information leaked out in regards to Star Wars VIII has leaked onto the internet! Not much has been revealed about the next film in the historic franchise but it seems a leak in the films potential title has given us plenty of cause to speculate on! In a video which seems to be before to upcoming Star Wars celebration even, I poster is shown that shows Episode VIII to have the title “Fall of the Resistance”. This is pretty interesting and if this is truly the title we will definitely be in for an interesting storyline! However, I don’t think this is truly the title, merely a working title that they are using on set. Star Wars has a big history of this, check out some of the working titles the franchise has received over the years!Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceAhh Episode 1, how hyped you were. That is besides the point, the title “The Phantom Menace” is a title that many fans wish they could forget but that was not always to title they used on set. The original title for Episode 1 was Episode I: The Beginning Pretty fitting since it really is the begging of the world that we know and love. Personally I liked this title much more than The Phantom Menace and I think they should have stuck with it!Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The ClonesThis is when things started to get a bit better with the prequels. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones brought us the lovable Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi but also brought us one of the most hated character EVER in Jar Jar Binks. This is pretty ironic considering the working title for Episode II was Episode II: Jar- Jar’s Big/Great Adventure. Could you imagine if they actually ran with this title? The backlash would have been unsurmountable and I don’t think they would have every recovered from that. #HailJarJar!Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The JediHighly regarded as one of the best films of all time, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi has become synonymous with pop culture, much like it’s original working titan has. It was so popular in fact that Family Guy titles their Star Wars special after it. Of course I am referring to the infamous Episode IV: Blue Harvest. Blue Harvest is a name that was used during production of Return of The Jedi and it is a name that will always be etched in the minds of Star Wars fanatics everywhere!Star Wars Episode VII: The Force AwakensStar Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was easily one of the most anticipated films of ALL TIME. Unfortunately, the working title for the film was not as fun as it’s previous counter parts. It was titled after J.J. Abrams production company and was referred to as Episode VII: Foodles. A bit adolescent I know, but fun and entertaining nonetheless.Star Wars Episode VII: Fall Of The Resistance (Possibly)The supposed leaked title of the next installment is Star Wars Episode VII: Fall Of The Resistance. Whether this is the actual title or a working title is a mystery in itself but Episode 8 already has a working title according to Carrie Fisher. Space Bear: Episode VIII. No this is not a joke, Carrie Fisher tweeted out a photo of her adorable dog sitting on a chair with this supposed working title.This is pretty adorable, and the whole crew seems to really be having a great time working on Episode 8! #SpaceBear2017What Is Your Favorite Working Title?With each Star Wars working title there are some funny ones and definitely some weird ones! Each one is unique and it shows just how interesting is was to be on set! What is your personal favorite working title from the Star Wars franchise?