Star Wars Saga

The Star Wars Saga

best line is….

Who’s Who for those who do not know.

The Films!

For all those fans that love the Star Wars Saga here an article for you! I am recapping films 1-6, ( yes all films 1-6) and additions or spin offs here. I will only note about film seven as little is known yet.

1. Star Wars, The Phantom Menace (1999)

One of the BEST FIGHTS!

Best Villain

2. Star Wars, The Clone Wars (2002)

Love Story most destructive of all! so far
Best grumpy teenager Anakin Skywalker

Only Wedding ever scene to take place Padme Anikin

Star Wars, The Clone Wars Seasons One, Two, Three, Four, Five

3. Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Luke and Leia parents

Star Wars Rebels Series (2014 – present)

4. Star Wars, A New Hope (1974, May 4th)

2nd best hair

A Star Wars Christmas Special (lol many have not a seen this but there was one!)

Stars Wars on the Muppets

5. Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Han need I say more
ONe of the best fight and wow moments !

Good words to actually live by !

Ewoks: Battle for Endor

Many may not have seen but its fun!

Ewoks: Caravan of Courage

Star Wars, Ewok Adventures (Cartoon and two Live action films)

6. Star Wars, The Return of the Jedi (1983)

There’s that famous Outfit of Leias
Brother and Sister well well

7. Star Wars, The Force Awakens (2015, December 18th)

bb8 roll n
Fin and Poe
Fin and Poe

8. Star Wars, Number 8 TBA (2017 Dec. expected)

9. Star Wars, Number 9 TBA (201..)


Han Solo Spin off

Bobo Fett Spin off still in works

Rogue One this coming Christmas 2016~~

These are the current confirmed at this time, however, I know more will be added since Disney has taken charge of the Star Wars franchise.


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