‘Suicide Squad’ Releases Two New TV Spots That Bring The Humor

With all quiet on the superhero movie front for a month and a half before the release of , Warner Bros. just released two new TV spots that show only a tiny bit more in terms of new footage. But the spots also double down on the humorous tone of the film that WB has been positioning from the start.

The first of the two (which is actually the third TV spot), is a sort of streamlined mini-trailer, and it really plays up the unhinged, .

The second is Will Smith-centric, with the actor’s comedic timing front and center as the dry-humored Deadshot:

There’s not much else to add here in lieu of new footage, but from everything we’ve seen so far, it looks like it will be stars Smith and Margot Robbie carrying the weight of the film between them. While that could just be a byproduct of them being the two biggest stars in the film , if it turns out that they’re the faces of what Warner Bros. understandably hopes will be a new franchise (and one launched on more solid footing than what’s come before), it would also make sense.

Suicide Squad is in theaters on August 5th.

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