‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Cast Hints At A Link To The Justice Society & ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

As we head into the long hiatus of DCTV shows, the CW have left us with plenty to talk about. When the shows return, they’ll be building up to an , spread across consecutive episodes of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. We still don’t know what the plot for this crossover event will be, but after , there’s sure to be huge consequences in the next season of each show.

But it’s not just that one crossover event that we should look forward to. Now that they’ve established the multiverse, the CW are looking to integrate the shows more, with little connections and crossover points to establish a link. And we might have just spotted one between Supergirl Season 2 and Legends of Tomorrow.

The Legends of Tomorrow could meet Supergirl.

The Legends of Tomorrow could meet Supergirl.

Yesterday news was released that . There are plenty of intriguing characters among them — like Lex Luthor’s sister Lena, and Batwoman’s girlfriend Maggie Sawyer — but one of the more obscure ones caught our eye.

Hourman’s Good Pal Snapper

In Supergirl Season 2, Snapper Carr will be brought in by Cat Grant to “revitalise the newsroom” (as reported by TV Guide). This version of the character is a “seasoned journalist”, and could step in to support Calista Flockheart’s somewhat reduced role in the show. This is all we know of the Supergirl version of Snapper, but it’s his comic origins that have us intrigued.

Snapper Carr is accepted as an honorary member.

Snapper Carr is accepted as an honorary member.

Snapper was introduced in 1959 when the Justice League was formed. Intended to be the “hip” teen of the group, Snapper didn’t have superpowers but nevertheless became an honorary member of the League thanks to his quick wit in stopping the villain Starro. Later on, Snapper was manipulated by the Joker to betray and endanger the Justice League, leading to him being considered a traitor by many people.

Snapper later experienced a revival of sorts when he was included in the 1999-2001 Hourman comic run, as a close friend of the eponymous hero. And here’s our connection to Legends of Tomorrow, as Rex Tyler (Hourman) was introduced in the finale.

Coincidence? Possibly, but we hope not, because this could provide an interesting connection between Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

Alliance With The Justice Society

Ok, this could just be wild speculation based on a link between two obscure characters. So why are we so sure this is the start of something bigger? Crucially, Snapper Carr isn’t known as a journalist in the comics. There are plenty of journalist characters the Supergirl team could have brought into the show. But they chose Snapper Carr, known friend of Hourman, right after Hourman was introduced in Legends of Tomorrow. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Although he might seem to be little more than a not-so-mild-mannered reporter, Supergirl’s Snapper Carr could be hiding an interesting secret. After all, , meaning that Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 could start exploring the rest of the multiverse.

Hourman and Snapper Carr: just guys being dudes.

Hourman and Snapper Carr: just guys being dudes.

Of course, it’s difficult to guess what the crossover point could be. It’s possible that the Justice Society actually operate in secret on Kara’s Earth, explaining Snapper Carr’s friendship with Hourman. This might also explain — as another member of the Justice Society, Jay also comes from an unidentified Earth. With Superman flying around on Kara’s Earth, we’re not sure if any other heroes exist, but it’s certainly possible.

Another possibility is that the Justice Society will exist on Kara’s Earth sometime in the future. After all, one group of futuristic superheroes have already been teased on Supergirl, thanks to the presence of the .

The Legion of Super-heroes ring in 'Supergirl'.

The Legion of Super-heroes ring in ‘Supergirl’.

And of course, the Snapper in Supergirl could just be a doppelganger of the Snapper who knows Hourman and the Justice Society on another Earth. Seeing a different version of a Supergirl character in Legends could be another way to bring the shows closer together.

It would be really neat to see the Legends arrive on Kara’s Earth next season, as so far . Whether Snapper Carr is just a red herring, or an interesting link to another DC show, that crossover is still something we want to see. Here’s hoping it’s on the cards for next season!

What crossovers do you want to see between the shows?

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