Take Your First Look At Negan In Season 7 Of ‘The Walking Dead’

until returns to screens, AMC have just dropped their first teaser image for Season 7, and it involves our new favorite Big Bad, Negan. Check it out:

[EW via Gene Page/AMC]

[EW via Gene Page/AMC]

While the picture might seem like it comes from the Season 6 finale, it confirms that Season 7 is going to pick up exactly where Season 6 left off, meaning we’ll definitely get to see his victim in all their gory glory. This is particularly important to dedicated fans

Executive producer (and director and special effects master) Greg Nicotero also spoke to EW to suggest that aside from Negan’s victim being revealed, we’ll also see a lot more of Negan’s personality in Season 7, including some of his many theatrical speeches:

“Negan is that kind of guy. He’s the kind of guy who imagines himself on stage at a high school production and he loves every second of it. So, I don’t really see a lot of quiet contemplative moments with Negan. I feel like with Negan it’s really going to be about him gesticulating and him sort of relishing in the sound of his own voice while he commands the stage in front of whoever’s alive.”

Anyone else excited to hear Negan wax lyrical about Lucille in Season 7?! Come on, you know it’ll happen!



While The Walking Dead doesn’t return to screens with Season 7 until October, when the cast and crew head to San Diego Comic Con for their annual panel. While it’s unlikely that the trailer will reveal any details about Negan’s victim, it’s possible that will mean we get to meet new characters and communities, which is an exciting prospect in itself.

Meanwhile the speculation on who Negan’s victim is continues, with the latest theory circulating the internet being that Negan could possibly take down two characters.

Are you pumped for The Walking Dead Season 7?



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