Talk About Paranormal Activity! Every Ghostly Easter Egg In The New Ghostbusters Trailer!

While the new Ghostbusters film received a lot of hate upon the release of it’s first full trailer, the second trailer may put just a bit of the anger from fans to bed, with a great blend of comedy and a tonne of paranormal spectres terrorising the streets of New York City. Check out the new trailer below!
Now, let’s check out some of these ghostly enemies and a few other great moments in that trailer! There’s more than one callback to the original films here!
Lots of Ghosts!

It appears as if the new team will have their hands full with a whole parade of ghosts around. The main question this raises is: Why are they all together? This may have something to do with the force that’s trying to raise even more!
Logo Origin Story?

Maybe the Ghostbusters come up with the logo first and then it is painted here to show support for the team, but maybe someone sees a ghost and gives the team the idea of using it for themselves. Either way, they really plaster that thing all over the place. It’s on their headquarters…And On Their Car!


But while they may be focusing a little too much on it, there’s more of a reason behind this logo than first meets the eye. We’ll get to that later. In the meantime, let’s check out some bad guys!Revamped Subway Ghost!

The Subway Ghost was a fun villain in the original film, and it’s nice to see the callback to that here, albeit this version looks a whole lot more sinister.First Meeting!

This scene is all reminiscent of the very first time that the original team met a ghost out in the field, which you can see in the scene below!
Then There’s… This Guy?

I have no idea what this guy is all about, but he is shown shortly after Melissa McCarthy talks about someone using a device to amplify paranormal activity, so it’s possible he’s a big bad guy!Possessed Thor! RUN!

This isn’t going to be good. Just as Chris Hemsworth echoes Rick Moranis from the original film by trying to join the team, despite being a little… unsuitable for the job.
And He Looks Scary When He’s Evil!

Presumably, from all of this machinery around him, whoever is possessing Kevin is the one trying to amplify paranormal activity, which is going to be a lot easier if it can possess people.
Giant Finale Alert!

It looks like this must be the giant finale of the film, where some sort of portal will be opened by the big bad, and a whole mess of ghosts will come out.
Are Those Even Ghosts?

I mean, they really don’t look like it… but neither did the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man I guess, and these guys are probably the equivilant.

Talk about a callback! Slimer is one of the most well-known ghosts from the original film, and no wonder, he’s just hilarious, and loves to eat! Can ghosts eat? Doesn’t matter, point is that he’s back!
And… Mayhem?

Several of the villains have been teased already, including a “winged demon called Mayhem”. Judging from his prevalence in the trailer, we can guess that he is one of the more troublesome ghosts, as we can see he perches on top of Leslie Jones’ shoulders.
Logo Monster?

This villain was also previously teased. Supposedly his name is Rowan, and you’re thinking correctly, he does look exactly like the Ghostbusters logo. Except for the burned half of his face (Two-face?) So the question is, does somebody make a ghost that looks like the Ghostbusters logo, or is the Ghostbusters logo based off of this ghost?We’ll find out the answers to these and many other questions when Ghostbusters is released on July 15th.