Taylor Lautner Feeds Himself To The Insta-Wolves: You’ll Be Stalking His New Account Every Friday

has recently created an and Twilight fans could not be more happy.

Just a couple of days ago, Lautner announced he would be starting a weekly ritual of positing fan art he has collected, cherished, and laughed at throughout the years. He will be sharing these Instagram posts every friday under , giving a whole new meaning to TGIF.

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By now Twihards have come to terms with the fact that there will not be another movie – for the most part. There is still much excitement about the However, nothing is stopping them from rejoicing at this opportunity for nostalgia. It would be a crime to erase that shirtless Jacob from our memories forever, wouldn’t it? Need a reminder?

Hopefully for Jacob lovers out there, Lautner’s fan art will be just as revealing every week. We can’t just ignore the fact that he’s naked in it. He’s just feeding himself to the wolves here! Careful now Taylor, you’re in dangerous territory, Jacob fans will bite.

Jacob Black As Wolf/YouTube

Jacob Black As Wolf/YouTube

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