Taylor Lautner To Join The ‘Scream Queens’ In Season 2

Well Taylor Lautner may just get the chance to put those skills of both spooking and attracting teens to good use soon. Variety announces today that Lautner has been cast in Fox’s of Scream Queens. He’ll be playing a doctor at the show’s new location, a hospital. Apparently he “suffers from a strange medical condition and becomes a suspect when a series of tragic events plagues the institution.”

More screams and more queens in Season 2?

All of this lines up fairly well with last season’s premise, which took place on a college campus, that pretty much anyone on the show is a suspect. Especially with all the weird things that happen and the deaths that occur. While the college campus fit the darkly satirical tone of the show well with it’s stuck up sorority sisters fending off a murderer, the hospital setting could add an extra layer of genuine scares. It’s described as a place where ” the most fascinating and bizarre medical cases are under observation.”

Lautner’s recent comedic experience in the UK comedy series Cuckoo will likely come in quite handy for the show’s dark humor. Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Glen Powell and Niecy Nash are all set to for Season 2, joined by John Stamos as a doctor in addition to Lautner. They will be reprising their roles which, if you saw the finale of Season 1, makes it easy to guess how at least Breslin and Roberts fit into the new setting.

Taylor Lautner could do that.

Last season Nick Jonas seemed to be the hottie with a secret of the season, so perhaps we can expect Lautner to be in a similar role? We don’t have long to wait to find out, Scream Queens Season 2 premieres Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. on Fox. Below is the Season 1 trailer, there’s still time to catch up!



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