The 10 Best Recent Romance Movies On Netflix 2016

A goes hand in hand with the summertime vibe like iced margaritas or swan inflatables, but it’s easy to waste the long, hot evenings aimlessly scrolling through Netflix seeking your on-screen soulmate.

To avoid getting flustered over the endless carousel of choice, below are my top 10 recently released romance movies on Netflix right now to start you off on the right sandal.

1. High Strung (2016)

Director: Michael Damian

Who Does It Star: Keenan Kampa, Nicholas Galitzine, Jane Seymour, Sonoya Mizuno and Richard Southgate

Synopsis: This classic boy meets girl from a different world tale tells the story of a hip hop violinist who meets a stunning ballerina while busking in the New York subway. After some immediately palpable chemistry, the pair are pushed together by circumstance to tackle a dance competition that has the potential to change their lives.

Reviews: Director Michael Damian is best known for his his role as Danny Romalotti on the soap opera The Young and the Restless, but his latest foray into directing has been well received. With a 71 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a respectable 6.6 on IMDb, this dance flick is definitely worth a watch.

2. Grease Live (2016)

Director: Thomas Kail and Alex Rudzinski

Who Does It Star: Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit, Vanessa Hudgens, Carlos PenaVega and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Synopsis: The classic rock ‘n’ roll high school romance is still going strong almost 40 years after its release date, and this live version mixes contemporary live performers with the classic sing along tunes to make a fresh hit.

Reviews: Although the “don’t ruin my childhood” brigade was fuming when Grease Live was announced, the show got the last laugh with a staggering 91 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a cool 7.2 on IMDb. Grease is the word.

3. Everything Before Us (2016)

Director: Philip Wang and Wesley Chan

Who Does It Star: Aaron Yoo, Brittany Ishibashi, Brandon Soo Hoo, Victoria Park and Randall Park

Synopsis: If you’re looking for a romance movie for people who don’t really like romance movies, this is the one for you. With a sci-fi bent, this film is set in the not so distant future where the Department of Emotional Integrity (D.E.I.) rules over all romantic relationships. Despite the existence of publicly accessible “relationship scores,” love manages to flourish in the oppressive conditions, but not without setbacks.

Reviews: This unusual romance has been well received with a 75 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.3 on IMDb.

4. Palm Trees In The Snow (2015)

Director: Fernando González Molina

Who Does It Star: Mario Casas, Adriana Ugarte , Macarena García, Alain Hernández, Laia Costa and Emilio Gutiérrez Caba

Synopsis: If you get frustrated with flimsy romantic movies, Palm Trees in the Snow could be just the tonic you need. This multi-generational movie shines a light on the darkness of colonialism and how a star-crossed love can have consequences that span lifetimes. Set in Africa, this epic is beautifully shot and full of substance.

Reviews: The Spanish language tear-jerker has cleaned up when it comes to online reviews with a mighty 86 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.3 on IMDb.

5. 6 Years (2015)

Director: Hannah Fidell

Who Does It Star: Taissa Farmiga, Ben Rosenfield, Lindsay Burdge, Joshua Leonard, Peter Vack, and Dana Wheeler-Nicholson

Synopsis: Boldly stamping on the flowers and chocolate depiction of young love, 6 Years follows a young couple whose idyllic love falls apart as unforeseen events catapult them into a volatile future.

Reviews: 6 Years has received mixed reviews. It garnered 64 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.6 on IMDb, but Indiewire listed the film as number 7 on its “13 Most Criminally Overlooked Indies and Foreign Films of 2015.”

6. This Isn’t Funny (2015)

Director: Paul Ashton

Who Does It Star: Katie Page, Paul Ashton, Anthony LaPaglia, Mimi Rogers, Beth Stelling and Ahmed Bharoocha

Synopsis: A fresh spin on the traditional rom-com template, the ironically named This Isn’t Funny throws us into a cynical hot bed of LA hipsters who are all fighting through their own issues while falling for each other.

Reviews: This surprisingly emotionally charged foray into romantic comedy nabbed a 76 percent Rotten Tomatoes and a steady 6.7 on IMDb.

7. The Last Five Years (2015)

Director: Richard LaGravenese

Who Does It Star: Anna Kendrick, Jeremy Jordan, Natalie Knepp, Marceline Hugot and Rafael Sardina

Synopsis: The second musical on this list, The Last Five Years is based on Jason Robert Brown’s musical of the same name. This back-to-front movie shuns chronological order and follows a passionate marriage through the heartache and happiness that love can bring.

Reviews: Anna Kendrick fans should definitely give this all singing all dancing number a go as her performance has been highly praised. Despite this, the movie got a mediocre 58 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but most critics seem to hung up on how moving from stage to screen has changed the plot.

8. Meet My Valentine (2015)

Director: Brian Herzlinger

Who Does It Star: Scott Wolf, Courtney Ford, Brady Smith, Jay Black and Audrey Casson.

Synopsis: If you are looking for uplifting, I wouldn’t skip past Meet My Valentine, which brews life-long love and inevitable loss into a potent broth of tears. It tells the story of a man with terminal cancer desperately trying to provide for his wife and child, including a totally misguided attempt to find his potential successor. Yep, it’s weird, but it kind of works.

Reviews: With 6.6 on IMDB paired with a disappointing 46 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Meet My Valentine divided audiences. Which side are you on?

9. Holding The Man (2015)

Director: Neil Armfield

Who Does It Star: Ryan Corr, Craig Stott, Sarah Snook, Guy Pearce, Anthony LaPaglia and Kerry Fox

Synopsis: An adaption of Timothy Conigrave’s 1995 memoir of the same name, this Australian romantic drama follows the love story of two men who fell in love in high school, despite their different backgrounds. A sweeping 15-year romance follows and laughs in the face of any discrimination, hardship or jealousy they encounter until they finally collide with something they cannot beat.

Reviews: One of the highest rated movies in this list, this deeply moving LGBT movie has an 88 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7 on IMDb.

10. Autism In Love (2015)

Director: Matt Fuller

Who Does It Star: Lenny Felix, Kathy Lettieri, Stephen Goodman, Lindsey Nebeker and Dave Hamrick

Synopsis: This stunning documentary sweeps aside harmful stereotypes about people with autism by focusing on the subjects’ desire to find, or maintain, fulfilling romantic relationships.

Reviews: This challenging yet beautiful documentary received a laudable 7.8 on IMBb.

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