The 10 Biggest Reveals From ‘South Park’s 20th Anniversary Comic-Con Panel

Now, with San Diego Comic-Con 2016 having already , it’s perhaps not too surprising that the show’s flagship event – its Hall H panel – came complete with a whole lot of retrospective content – along with, of course, that trademark South Park sense of humor. This is, after all, a show that’s spent , and that’s ‘ .

Surprising or not, though…

The ‘South Park’ Panel Just Filled Hall H With A Whole Lot Of Huge Reveals

South Park: The Stick of Truth/Ubisoft

South Park: The Stick of Truth/Ubisoft

Or, rather the show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone just did. An hour-long discussion with Chris Hardwick proved both typically entertaining – the duo do, after all, still write, direct and voice the perennially hilarious show – and full to the brim of giant, hulking revelations about both the show’s past, and its imminent 20th season.

Here, then, are ten of the most intriguing, revealing and downright hilarious of them…

First up?

10. Matt and Trey Aren’t Thrilled About Pokemon Go

South Park/Comedy Central

South Park/Comedy Central

Indeed, as they put it:

“We did an episode called ‘Chinpokomon’ where the kids were just buying dolls, and the dolls had a chip in them that could track where the kids were and send all the info to Japan so that they could control America and bomb Pearl Harbor. I’m like, they ripped off our f**king thing!”

Which, while , still elicited one of the biggest laughs of the evening from a firmly pro-Pokemon crowd. Meanwhile…

9. “Simpsons Did It” Has Evolved Over The Past Few Years

South Park/Comedy Central
South Park/Comedy Central

Specifically, having spread far beyond The Simpsons for the duo:

“This has literally happened in the past two years many times. We’ll both sit there and we’ll go, ‘oh and then this could happen and this could happen.’ And like a couple hours will go by and…it’s like ‘dude, somebody did this.’ And it’s like ‘no, we did that ten years ago. S**t, we did that already!'”

Which, with 267 episodes under their shared belt, actually makes a whole lot of sense.

8. Trey Parker Is Rapidly Becoming Randy Marsh

South Park/Comedy Central

South Park/Comedy Central

Or, rather, he’s becoming his own father… who Randy is clearly vocally based on:

“I remember the first five, even probably ten years, I would do Randy and I’d go in the booth to record him and I’d do an impersonation of my Dad. And now, I just do my voice…that’s just me.”

Which, in fairness, happens to the best of us…

7. It’s Fortunate Those Oscar Dresses Became Iconic

South Park/Comedy Central

South Park/Comedy Central

Since, as it turns out:

“We don’t remember much from the Academy Awards. We just remember coming down off the acid and sitting there in the seats going, ‘dude.’ And at that point, it was really like, ‘please don’t let us win. I don’t wanna go up on the stage right now.’ And luckily Phil Collins won and we went and had spaghetti.”

And so, the greatest Oscar acceptance speech we never got to see was born…

6. Matt Stone Revealed Exactly Who He Feels Most Deserved The Show’s Skewering

South Park/Comedy Central

South Park/Comedy Central

Namely, celebrity psychic John Edward:

“That John Edward [episode]…”The Biggest Douche In The Universe.” That was something we really felt like, f**k that guy. That’s really f**king bad. You know, there was kind of no equivocation…that’s a really cruel thing [he does].”

Which, with the show having taken on pretty much every celebrity going over the years, is actually something of an achievement for Edward.

5. Trey Parker Plays D&D With… Elon Musk?

South Park/Comedy Central
South Park/Comedy Central

Yup, that’s right. A keen tabletop gamer (and perennial dungeonmaster), Parker revealed that:

“About two months ago, I played D&D [Dungeons and Dragons] with Elon Musk. That was really fun…the best part of it was, before we were playing, I was like, ‘we shouldn’t spend a lot of time doing character creation ’cause we’re gonna start at level 1.’ And it was basically like, I was just emailing, and I’m all, ‘if you just wanna tell me sort of what class of race you wanna be, I’ll do the sheets’…and maybe 20 seconds later, an email came back: human paladin.”

Which… actually makes a fair amount of sense for Musk…

4. The duo did NOT predict the rise of Donald Trump

South Park/Comedy Central

South Park/Comedy Central

As they put it:

“At the time, we were just kinda like, yeah, this Donald Trump thing is pretty funny, let’s make fun of that before it’s over. We were worried that that was gonna be one of those episodes we’d look back and be like, ‘why’d we do a whole episode about that?'”

Which, whatever the result in November, seems distinctly unlikely to be the response from posterity…

3. We Won’t Be Seeing Team America 2 Anytime Soon

Team America: World Police/Paramount

Team America: World Police/Paramount

The reason? It was a logistical nightmare to make:

“We were very proud of it, and it’s a cool movie, but it was excruciating. The puppets are like ‘that’ big, and they don’t do anything… we really dug a hole for ourselves.”

Which, sure, worked out great in Team America: World Police, but you can kind of see why the pair wouldn’t be inclined to revisit the challenge.

2. There’s An Excellent Reason They Stopped Killing Kenny

South Park/Comedy Central

South Park/Comedy Central

Specifically, the fact that:

“It was fun and it was awesome and it was rebellious at first… and then it got to be like homework.”

Hilarious, endlessly traumatic homework…

And, finally…

1. Sean Penn Did Not Appreciate His Portrayal In Team America: World Police

The Gunman/Open Road

The Gunman/Open Road

As Parker put it:

“Sean Penn wrote us this angry letter that we were reading, and we’re like, ‘is this a joke?’ Cause he was saying s**t that we were making fun of him [for] saying… if you haven’t seen Team America, Sean Penn, all he does is he goes, ‘I’ve been to Iraq!… You wanna talk about Iraq? I’ve been to Iraq!’… but then the last part of [the lettter], Matt’s reading the thing, and it said… ‘You know, I’ve been to Iraq.'”

Which is actually just about as perfectly ridiculous a response as it’s possible to imagine…

The best part of all of this, though? South Park will be back on our screens in just a matter of weeks, with Season 20 debuting on September 20 at 10pm on Comedy Central…

What do you reckon, though?

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