The 15 Best Date Movies To Netflix & Chill To, No Matter What Type Of Night You Have In Store

Netflix has been the inspiration to the notorious phenomenon we all know so well ” ” We also know it’s a big chill-blocker to spend hours browsing through the movie options, looking for the perfect flick to watch. After all, that time could be put to better use… Here’s your go-to guide on which movie to watch in every occasion.

1. Mean Girls… As A Reminder To Your Fellow Netflix & Chiller That Not Just Anyone Can Sit With You

(2004) is a classic psychological rom-com with hot girls as incentive if the guy seems hesitant. It’s fun, hysterical, smart, and features a great cast. Oh, and it was written by . Enough said.

2. Superstar… To Appreciate Having Something Other Than A Tree To Kiss

Superstar (1999) has the power to make any weirdo appear normal. So if you’re into some weird stuff — like kissing trees — now is a good time to share your little secret. Pretty much anything is a step up from sniffing your armpit sweat as you enthusiastically say “Superstar!” Plus, it features Mary Katherine Gallagher and Will Ferrell, so there’s that.

3. 50 First Dates… As A Reminder That There Are Other Types Of Dates Besides Netflix & Chill

50 First Dates (2004) features the lovely pairing that rivals in the comedy world: and . We loved them in The Wedding Singer (1998) — which is also a great date movie — and they continue to be great in this rom-com. Sandler is the epitome of dedication in this movie, upping the ante to upgrade from Netflix & Chill on your next date night. Though we all know this type of date has its perks.

4. Save The Last Dance… For Motivation To Go Dancing Post-Netflix & Chill

If you’re down to Netflix & Chill, but still want to go out, Save The Last Dance (2001) should do the trick. By the end of this Julia Stiles classic, you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor with whomever is by your side. Expect to get your twerk on because standard side-to-side Hitch dancing won’t suffice after watching this.

5. Charlie’s Angels… To Hint That You Believe The Woman Should Take Control

If either one of you prefer when the woman dominates, Charlie’s Angels (2000) should provide the necessary confidence and empowerment to do just that. If you’re two women, no worries, all the more power to you. If you’re two men, well hey, everyone has an inner angel.

6. Love Actually… As A Reminder That All You Need Is Love (And Netflix)

While Love Actually (2003) was accidentally classified as a Christmas movie, don’t be fooled. This is the perfect flick to encompass every type of romance imaginable with nine intertwined stories, so everyone can relate. A combination of good ol’ British humor and the occasional tear, this one will have you feeling it in your fingers and your toes. (That’ll sound less weird once you see the movie.)

7. A Walk To Remember …To Pull The Typical Notebook Move

I personally never quite got the point of tinting your cheeks black from runny mascara while you’re trying to up the romance. However, it is a legendary date move to expose each other’s sensitive sides. If you’re trying to be slightly more subtle than watching The Notebook (2004), A Walk To Remember (2002) is another tear-jerker story written by Nicholas Sparks.

8. The Big Short… For An Excuse To Squeeze In Some Ryan Gosling

If you refused to make this The Notebook kind of night by watching a more gender-neutral crowd-pleaser, The Big Short (2015) is a great choice. This movie was only just released to Netflix today and also happens to feature Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt (i.e. plenty of eye candy).

9. Zoolander… For An Excuse To Suggest A Ménage A Trois

Zoolander (2001) is a hilarious comedy featuring our beloved Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson bromance. You’re guaranteed a good laugh and if you were looking for an excuse to spice things up, this provides you with an opportunity to discuss that steamy scene. Just saying…

10. Clueless… If You Want To Get Right To It

Chances are, the both of you have already seen Clueless (1995). Even more likely is that if you’re with a guy, he might not appear super excited about this choice — even if he secretly is. While it’s a great classic to watch, it also makes for a perfect background movie. Either you’ve seen it or you don’t care to, so if you’re distracted every so often, there’s no reason to hit the pause button.

11. Silver Linings Playbook… To Appear More Sane When Recovering From P.M.S.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have proven time and again that they have great on-screen chemistry, and Silver Linings Playbook (2012) is no exception. Both characters are quite difficult to deal with, so if you’ve recently gone through a rough patch, this comedy-drama might help you look more… chill?

12. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind… For Some Standard Trippy Psychological Sci-Fi Tear-jerking Romance

If you’re in the mood to throw in some elements of psychological thrillers and science fiction to the standard romantic movie, than Jim Carey has you covered in Eternal Sunshine (2004). The plot is somewhat unusual and will mess with your state of mind. Sometimes, a little innocent trippiness can add on to the experience.

13. The Immigrant… To Feel Those Raunchy 1920s Burlesque Vibes (Role Play?)

Few things are sexier than burlesque. If you want to travel back to a time before Netflix, The Immigrant (2013) will bring you back to the debauchery of the ’20s in no time. This Cannes Festival film will brush you up on the history behind immigrating to America, and who better to do that with than the French Marion Cotillard?

14. Meet The Fockers… To Prepare For The Next Big Dreaded Step In The Relationship

If you’re nervous about introducing your fellow Netflix & Chiller to the fam, or worst meeting theirs, than Meet The Fockers (2004) should help calm those nerves (or possibly worsen them). This is one of those instances where the sequel beats the original, but if you’re aiming for a marathon, make a night of it and watch Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro in Meet The Parents (2000) on Netflix first.

15. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes… If You Want To Remind Someone That Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

If you’re into old classics and sex icons, Marilyn Monroe will certainly satisfy both in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). This dazzling stage musical adaptation will be a constant reminder that no amount of Netflix & Chill can replace diamonds. If you’re trying to be subtle about it, this isn’t the right movie for you.

What’s your favorite date night movie on Netflix?


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