The 20 Highest Grossing Horror Movies Of 2015 Tell Us A Lot About Current Horror Cinema

The highest grossing ‘horror movie’ of 2015, according to statistics site, made almost 80 billion dollars. It’s also not really what most of us would class as a horror movie at all. Sure, it has its roots in horror, building on the glorious all-American tradition of pulp fiction, horror anthology shows and childhood scares, but is it really a horror movie?
You decide. Yup, we’re talking about the Goosebumps movie, a PG-rated adaptation of a series of books that I adored as a kid. Still, there are horror themes and everyone loves Goosebumps, so we’ll let that one slide. Check out the 2nd-10th biggest grossing horror movies of 2015.2. Insidious Chapter 3
Box Office Haul: $52,218,558Rating: PG-13Notes: Sequel

3. Poltergeist
Box Office Haul: $47,425,125Rating: PG-13Notes: Reboot

4. Unfriended
Box Office Haul: $32,482,090Rating: R

5. Crimson Peak
Box Office Haul: $31,090,320Rating: R

6. Sinister 2
Box Office Haul: $27,740,955Rating: RNotes: Sequel

7. The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
Box Office Haul: $26,501,323Rating: PG-13Notes: Sequel

8. The Lazarus Effect
Box Office Haul: $25,801,570Rating: PG-13

9. The Gallows
Box Office Haul: $22,764,410Rating: R

10. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Box Office Haul: $18,297,124Rating: RNotes: Sequel

If we look at the 11th – 20th highest grossing horror movies of 2015, we see a few more interesting, indie-ish results.
11. It Follows
Box Office Haul: $14,674,077Rating: R

12. The Green Inferno
Box Office Haul: $7,192,291Rating: R

13. The Vatican Tapes
Box Office Haul: $1,784,763Rating: PG-13

14. Goodnight Mommy
Box Office Haul: $1,178,196Rating: RNotes: Austrian

15. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Box Office Haul: $385,325Rating: Not RatedNotes: Iranian

16. The Babadook
Box Office Haul: $208,700Rating: Not RatedNotes: Australian

17. Spring
Box Office Haul: $49,970Rating: Not Rated

18. The Pyramid
Box Office Haul: $49,928Rating: R

19. The Nightmare
Box Office Haul: $28,281Rating: Not RatedNotes: Documentary

20. The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)
Box Office Haul: $14,562 Rating: Not RatedNotes: Sequel

So… what did we learn from this flood of data about the 20 highest grossing horror movies of 2015?
It’s interesting to examine your own horror movie preferences against the ones that performed well at the box office. For example, in my own personal list of the 15 best horror movies of 2015, there are only four movies from the box office top 20: Unfriended, It Follows, Goodnight Mommy and The Green Inferno. Which horror movie do you think should have earned the most money in 2015?

Source: Numbers, Youtube