The 5 Things You Need to Know From Sunday’s Episode of Preacher

Channel: AMC
Genre: Supernatural Drama
Airs: Sundays @ 9pm

1. A Girl Asphyxiated in a Hole Filled With Actual Feces.

Giving Speech Where Girl's Body Was Found.

Giving Speech Where Girl’s Body Was Found.

Odin Quincannon’s meatpackers are enjoying a midnight romp with some local girls with the added “fun” of paintball. The scene is incredibly sexist and all of the girls are running around in their underwear, with the added frenzy of being chased by fully-clothed men with paintball guns. One of the girls, after being caught and hit in the chest with a neon green paintball, falls backwards into a very deep hole filled with feces and asphyxiates. Tulip, of course, does not stand for the nonchalant warning that “girls need to be careful where they’re going if they’re gonna be out at night.” She decides she needs to take action.

2. Cassidy is Stringing the Other-Worldly Agents Along.

Fiore at Vending Maching, Waiting for Cassidy.

Fiore at Vending Maching, Waiting for Cassidy.

Cassidy attempts to get Jesse to leave, but Jesse seems to think he has a gift from God that he must use to help people. Or so it seems. Meanwhile, Cassidy tries to stall Fiore and DeBlanc, especially since he isn’t buying their whole “we were sent from heaven to get it back” routine. In fact, they very badly don’t want someone to find out where they and what they’re doing. However, Cassidy takes his deception a step farther, learning that they plan to use the chainsaw again, and asks for money. He spends this money on drugs and hookers.

3. Preacher Plans a Raffle to Bring People Back to the Faith.

Jesse Asks Emily if She Can Buy a Flatscreen TV.
Jesse Asks Emily if She Can Buy a Flatscreen TV.

Emily has got it bad for Jesse, bad enough that she will hire a babysitter solely to go buy a flatscreen tv at 10pm without knowing what it’s for. Preacher sets up this raffle and invites the whole town, involving Emily in his plan without disclosing any actual information. His goal is to fill the church so that they can bring people back to the faith, or so that he can use his power on a wider scale. He seems to be able to control it now, which brings out some dark sides to him.

4. Tulip Discovers Cassidy is a Vampire

Cassidy at the Hospital, Covered in Blood.

Cassidy at the Hospital, Covered in Blood.

Tulip, as the feminist she is, attempts to bring justice to the young girl who lost her life. She hunts down the man who shot her with the paintball gun, throwing him out the window. Immediately after, she discovers it wasn’t actually the man who shot her with a paintball gun, but Cassidy spending the money that DeBlanc and Fiore gave him. She drives him to the hospital, kisses him on the way upon request, and tries to get him help. While there, she discovers that he is a self-healing blood drinker and she never needed to take him there in the first place.

5. Preacher Tells Quincannon to ‘Serve God’.



Preacher strikes a deal with Odin Quincannon that if he comes to hear Preacher’s sermon on Sunday and does not turn to God, he can have his father’s land that he’s always wanted. Quincannon naturally accepts. At services, Preacher asks Quincannon directly if he will serve God, after Quincannon predictably replies no several times, Preacher tells him to serve God. He asks again, and the congregation is in awe that he had that kind of power. Jesse’s power seems to be more and more under control, which also is seeming to bring out a darkness in Jesse since he has this ultimate power. Hopefully, he gets it under control.


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